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  1. this type thing is related to only about 1 out of 4 American males (draft age) are physically fit enough to get into the military.
  2. if the focus is the long range part of the title might think about some other calibers: .338 Lapua Magnum, short-action 6.5s, like the 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington, .300 Win. Mag. and 6.5x284 Norma.
  3. based on the idea that to be a responsible owner / user of dangerous items that can kill you need to destroy them I'm doing my best to stay as irresponsible as humanly possible.
  4. while I'm old, not very fast or even real mobile, and can't throw worth a shit I think there are still some NFL teams I could play quarterback for.
  5. a lot of people fear guns, it doesn't matter who's got the gun be it the butcher, baker, candle stick maker, or a cop. people who fear guns don't want to be where guns are. so businesses fear guns. but as soon as some drunk asshole starts making trouble or refusing to pay their bill, who do they call, people with guns. but as was pointed out by Jet they did this cop a favor "their food sucks"
  6. in the late 80s / early 90s the squadron I was with in the military ran 3 miles 3 times a week, I weighed 200 lbs. now at 270 lbs. I couldn't run a mile in 3 weeks. talking 20 years too late for Jenny Craig.
  7. had an old chevy 1500 4x4 that took to killing deer (Ron White would have been proud), the brush guard saved me a fortune
  8. it's a numbers game: 12 million illegals that other than "the Donald" everyone says there are just too many of them to do anything about so we can't get rid of them, might as well make them citizens. over a 100 million gun owners and everyone says no problem we can round up those guns on a week end. it's for the greater good. a hand full of crazies that have been documented as full on fucking nuts that will do or at least try to do mass murder that chances are can buy a gun over the counter because the background check system is a failure the government won't fund or fix.
  9. Barry is no match for Vald, we need a guy with a Johnson and/or who is a Johnson.
  10. I tend to think of it this way, in the photos are 2 items I have, both would kill someone if I act in an unsafe manner and/or I make a choice to kill them. both have been around for a number of years and on the one with the greatest potential to kill others or the user I don't think any one has ever thought about putting a "safety" on it. you just point it and pull the trigger I mean press the pedal. the user is always the only safety on any device, a mechanical switch of some kind won't stop the user from being stupid.
  11. if you want a gun, dig up John Browning I believe even dead he'd be better than ego man JJ. some how I don't see the military beating down his door to do business.
  12. while not my 1st choice a 22 beats a ball bat in a gun fight, some of them are very small can be bought cheap and the ammo was cheap and easy to find for years. one of my buddies uses one of the little naa 22 revolvers as his carry gun because he can hide it so easy. my old 22 rifle covers some of my living out in the sticks needs but not usually the 1st thing I grab for stuff bigger than an armadillo.
  13. sadly American military power is not in a piece of hardware or how big a boom something will make, it's in the people who will risk all for the nation.
  14. generally no the dogs and roosters haven't played well together, KiaLee and Speckles get along OK but one of the reasons the other roosters were short lived they jumped into the dog yard and that was the end of those birds. the dogs don't tear them up just kill them and forget them. Speckles jump in once and I was able to get him out of there alive, he lost all interest in jumping fences after that.
  15. 1st time I see one I'd let it go and check with the people that live in the area to see if it was theirs 2nd time it came around if no one said they were playing with one I'd get buck naked out in the yard and wave. make a note of the time and events. if it came back after that I'd break out the shotgun with #6 and break the perverts toy. I can't imagine some one crying to the authorities about their broken toy and explaining the 3rd trip.
  16. yep if you even like your pets it can be an expensive buddy to keep and once they're part of the family money is no object for their care. we live way out in the sticks so we've got dogs by choice and snakes plus some other stuff supplied by nature, I've spent thousands on dog meets snake stuff and dog meets heartworms and dog meets whatever else dogs meet. we've had cats but all of them died and/or disappeared around the same time years ago seems like the cats were cheaper to keep but the wife gets so upset when they go its rough. had and have a rooster they're a cheap to keep pet but v
  17. puppy up date 8 months later and we still have her and she's been named KiaLee (wife's idea) she was 18 lbs when the wife brought her home she's now at 46 lbs. when something scares her she's a big time daddy's girl lap dog, the rest of the time she's moms baby and Wags playmate. guess she figures nothing ever happens to fat boys in recliners so it must be the safest place to be.
  18. this was almost like an episode of NCIS, but it was a rejected sniper shooting up a Marine recruiter office, makes me wonder if the asshole got his plan from TV.
  19. damn that's sad found out we lost 4 Marines to 1 asshole during this
  20. remember the part that goes: I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him. Cool off and have a drink, that's about all the Julius you're going to get out of the deal.
  21. the shooter wasn't prior military or if they were they weren't real good at it.
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