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  1. My simple thinking on this is with a series of rulings by the ATF the cock-suckers can pretty much void the 2nd amendment one gun at a time. Now open some canned peaches.
  2. They make a good gun and a lot of good parts for modifying 1911s (I have their Beavertail on several guns) the however coma is so do a very large number of other companies (Wilson Combat) and people. Don't know about their customer service but generally their quality is great. I'd still be tempted to go with a Colt first for collecting purposes (of a 1911 to 2011) or little higher end Kimber or Springfield for shooting. My habits cost too much for me to put the kind of money into a gun for a collection so I go with more or less the base gun and do some mods and up grades for shooting not s
  3. Every trip to a gun store, show, or range has the potential to meet one or more village idiot, town drunk, or Rambo wannabe. With tales of back in Nam or how they can hit a dime at a 1,000 yards with a 30-30 to questions about how to do some dumbass and/or illegal change on a gun. On the rare occasion that you actually see one of them fire a gun it's never very impressive always seems to take a long time with a lot of fanfare to get the shot off with a weird stance and grip. This is followed by a miss and an excuse like the guns too new or too old or it's not their special secret ammo that the
  4. looked like Benellis at about $1,200.00 a pop or so each plus the other equipment that was some money to leave laying around.
  5. the only one I've looked at was Winchester White box 9mms were about $23.00
  6. I stop by a liquor store on regular basis, never in a panic.
  7. history of problems http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703889204576078331279621622.html
  8. Yeah, people rushed their van and slashed all the tires including their spare and no one in the town would sell them new tires so they had to get it towed to the next town to get it fixed, cops wouldn't investigate it either. http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/nov/15/tires-westboro-baptist-church-van-slashed-oklahoma/ should happen every time they show up
  9. For all we know the dip shit shooter was thinking he'd get his own reality show so do we blame TV? No he didn't get the burning desire to go on a rampage from talk radio or from not breast feeding long enough he was just a crazy SOB that didn't give a shit about the life and death of others, just himself. Now bunches of other useless groups with their own retarded agendas are trying to use this as a spring broad to push their greedy little shit as a cause. Mourn the loss of life and pray for and support the hurt, but damn him and those who would try to use tragedy for their gain
  10. The other day I got a Glock 19, I've got, had, and wanted other Glocks, but not the 19. With the 17s, 17L, 22, 23, 24 and the Mech Tech CCU I've got or have had never had a murderous rage now I can safely say the same applies to the 19. Just another gun metal and plastic no satanic forces at work, I tend to like the long slides better but that doesn't seem to affect it in any way. Seeing some of the shotguns did make me want to go shoot some skeet or clays. While checking the gun I also looked at the mags, I have a range of them that go from a 10 shot to a Glock 18 mag with a +5 adapter fo
  11. Shoot in a crowded area? at someone gunning down as many as he could, HELL YES SHOOT HIM.
  12. Well according to the folks at the Brady center Glocks are not suitable for hunting or SELF DEFENCE? If someone else there had been armed they might have been able to stop the shooting before the mag ran dry. The press will blame the gun, the mags, the ammo, the law, but not the shit for brains that did the shooting.
  13. One way I saw it put was the Swartz was a solution in search of a problem.
  14. not on there? has your gun got a cut there? has your gun already got a pistol grip?
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