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  1. cool give away thing to do can't play don't have the gun yet, but it's on my to do list soon (soon as the wifes not looking at the bills) CSM I thaought the correct way to say it was: "69, dude"
  2. just MHO but off the top of my head I'd bet you'd be happiest with the AGP mags
  3. there is no good way to loose a friend, this has got to be one of the worst ways to loose one. sorry to hear about his death and the loss.
  4. it's always good to see people younger than 50 getting into the shooting sports, without them the sport dies of old age.
  5. +1 it's how you learn other wise you'd be like me and just take a guess it's fast and easy but you can be wrong fast and easy.
  6. Pauly all I know is if this is wrong I'm in good company as are you. to me it makes sense so that's the theory I'm going with on this one. or as the guy on mythbusters says "I reject your reality and insert my own."
  7. have you got a parts breakdown to make sure everything is there and in place?
  8. used the CSS ones on both the 12 and 20, works great, looks great, and easy to do.
  9. I've got a Millet 1-4x24 DMS scope on my AR I like pretty well. they're geared to .223 guns.
  10. Sorry for your and really all of our loss. Looks to have been truly a man who understood the importance of things like duty and service, these people are in short supply so the loss of one is a tragedy.
  11. While looking at another post earlier I was thinking about how some brands of shells seem to leave more deposits behind when fired. Anyone got any thoughts or experience about what if any brand seems the cleanest or the dirtiest when firing?
  12. I live 2 miles down a clay road that washes out and or turns to mud, work 50 miles away, and don't ever haul anything but a light trailer. I've been looking hard at a Subaru Forester seems to be the best small SUV. Damn didn't see the towing needs in your post, screw Subaru, you need a real truck.
  13. Can't help you out about laws in NY or anywhere else, other than to say don't break them with a gun, because they take all that stuff real serious. On the puck getting gummed up yeah it's kind of normal, shouldn't be too bad after 50 rounds. Did you clean the gun / gas block before you shot and leave it dry? If you leave it oily that makes it worse and I'm just starting to look into what shells shoot cleaner or dirtier powders. Good luck and enjoy your gun. You re-posted while I was writing, don’t know the company you’re looking at there, they aren’t giving anything away and m
  14. if it's hitting now at the right point of aim make sure to put a mark on it and the barrel so when you go back together it's not tilted.
  15. still working on making a class act
  16. as 1st tested, note the fine use of the 175 lb zip tie
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