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  1. Changed my stock from the Tapco to an ATI with a metal buffer tube. No more rattles.
  2. You mean 90 Firearms for every person One step at a time, man. Sounds like a plan!
  3. CJS3


    LOL!!!! I'd like to see find that stand in the dark before dawn.
  4. The third lug dent hits where the case necks down and leaves a scratch towards the bottom of the case . Didn't keep dented cases or I would post pic . But you said putting a buffer helped minimize the amount and severity of ejection dents . What kind of buffer if more than 1 cuz I only know of 1 ? Just the standard recoil buffer I got from CSS. I got the idea from someone on this forum and it seems to work.
  5. I've never seen the third lug dent, but had the ejection port dent on all of my brass, until I added a recoil buffer. I only have a slight dent every tenth round or so now, and my sizer die can pull it out fairly easily (most of the time). Great videos, but now I'm tempted to take a dremel to the ejection port.
  6. There has to be a way to remove the spring. As you said, a firing pin couldn't be machined with the spring in place. The photo you posted looks like the spring could be removed by "unscrewing" it off the front of the firing pin. Hard to tell just from a photo, but they got it on somehow.
  7. So why give her a reason to sue? Taking her property, without reason or warrant, does not limit their liability. It enhances it.
  8. The report was dated March of 2000. I have to believe that the events of the last decade have rendered the results of the report irrelevent. While some of the extrapolations might be applicable today, a new survey on the subject matter is called for. I believe the answers from law enforcement might be very different.
  9. I've got to agree with that one, but the cost of the bumpyboomer makes me think twice about getting one. Those that want them, already have them now (or they're saving their pennies in anticipation). A manufacturer like S&W is not going to make them standard on any of their weapons due to liability issues. The current price gaurantees that users are going to be proficient (unless you do a YouTube outdoor show), and motivated to make it work right. As long as the market niche is fairly small, and there are no big blow up accidents, then I think the Bureau of Compliance will let it ride. If
  10. How come I can't get into the gallery? Do I need to apply for a double secret password or is it messed up. A message, other than telling me to sign in would help.
  11. I have a tapco Saiga stock assembly, with cheek piece and butt pad. $50 dollars FTF or $55 shipped. It can be used with or without trigger modification. This is also listed on TexasGunTrader.com Postal Money order prefered.
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