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  1. I have had this thing for a while now and its a great scope but I can't find its model anywhere. Im looking to sell it and I was hoping to find out what is a good price point is. Hell just any solid information would be good. Here is a gallery http://imgur.com/a/0ZESV
  2. Judging from their suppressors and their show I would not be surprised if they did more to harm the gun than help.
  3. Here is mine with the 20 inch barrel.
  4. you are an IDIOT Jesus Christ. Tumbling reference to how it tumbled in flesh.
  5. Posted this a few times but once more won't hurt. They are really cheap, lots of wobble, and require a bullet guide. They are also VERY reliable and fantastic!!!! I can't recommend them enough for people with bullet guides.
  6. I have had no problems with SP in my Dinzag bullet guide.
  7. Glad to see no one is screaming that 223 is to small for deer.
  8. I would stay away from HP, SP would be a much better choice. I reload 70gr SP for my saiga for deer works very well.
  9. nope no polishing or anything. Its easy to keep from happening I just have to do full squeezes instead of just delicately pulling it back.
  10. So while doing some 300 yard shooting yesterday i found an interesting thing out about my tapco trigger. A very slow delicate squeeze produces bump firing. Surprised me and first, then i messed around with it some and was getting nice 5 round burst. I am getting use to doing firmer squeezes but I do so love have a super easy bump fire that I can operate from the shoulder.
  11. I tried the steel 35 round surplus ones and the 30 round tapco. The steel surplus is not reliable, it like to feed at too great of an angle and jam (gonna work on fixing that soon) However the Tapco magazines work like a dream!
  12. I just put the dinzag bullet guide in and Tapco Galil 30 rounders work perfect, but the 35 round metal galil surplus have a lot of feed issues.
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