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    Help me find replacement trunnion for .223

    Anyone know for sure?
  2. offmarksman

    Help me find replacement trunnion for .223

    Does anyone know where I can source a replacement trunnion and what one fits?
  3. offmarksman

    Help me find replacement trunnion for .223

    Cracked up near the front, in the corner. I think it will just break again.
  4. My front trunnion is cracked. Got it secondhand with ar15 magwell already installed. Where do I get a replacement trunnion, what style/size do I need? What is required to change this out? I am new to the ak game. Thanks in advance.
  5. offmarksman

    Looking for Renegade Buck

    I would like to contact Renegade Buck, so that I can purchase on of his AR adapters.
  6. offmarksman

    MSA Customer Service is Awesome

    I bought an AR adapter for a Saiga a while back, and took it to my "Gunsmith" for fitting. My "Gunsmith" lost the magazine release pieces during his fitting of the adapter. I contacted Nate at MSA, hoping to be able to buy the release pieces. Nate sent me a new set at NO CHARGE!!! In Today's Business environment, it is Very Rare to find companies with Strong Customer Service skills that Nate at MSA has. Thanks again Nate, and I would encourage anyone considering doing business with MSA to rest assured that they are a Top Notch company and genuinely care about their customers.
  7. offmarksman

    wtb saiga raa skeleton stock

    I have a russian made folding skeleton stock with integrated pistol grip. It mounts up to factory configured Saiga (trigger doesn't need to be moved forward). I would sell for $140 + actual shipping. Email if interested and I can send pics. Also, make sure that you are legal to own this type of stock in your area.
  8. offmarksman

    Want to Rent Barrel Threading tools

    I would like to rent TAT, and the threading tool and handle from someone. Please email at shawndaugherty@yahoo.com.
  9. O.K. guys, I know I am new to the forum, but I have been watching these forums for quite some time. I want to know if the Ciener .22LR conversion will work in the Saiga .223. I don't want to hear that I should buy a dedicated .22, or that it should "probably" fit. I want to hear from someone who either has or actually knows if it will work or not. Lets try to stay on topic on this thread, as I have seen this exact type of thread hi-jacked several times, without giving Many of us a definative answer. I also already know that they Guy at Ciener has horrible customer service skills, and is actually kind of a jerk in his voicemail message if you try to call him in person. Thanks and I look forward to finally finding out an answer to this question.
  10. offmarksman


    I am interested in one of your adapters. How do I get one? How Much? and do you have a website?
  11. Hey Guys, I am new to the post, but here goes. My goal is to be able to use AR15 magazines in a Saiga and still be able to do a 22LR conversion. I have a CMMG .22LR conversion for my AR, so I have some AR conversion magazines already. Anyone done this, or any ideas?
  12. Hey guys, I am new to the post, but have been checking out the forum for a while. I have an off the wall question. Anybody here done a AR magazine adapter/conversion and been able to do a .22LR conversion with it? I have a .22 LR conversion for my AR15, so I already have the magazines. Just wondering if a Ciener conversion for a .223 AK would work with my .22LR magazines for my AR if I do a MSA adapter (and or another option). The goal I have is to be able to use AR15 mags in a Saiga and still be able to convert it to shoot .22LR. Any Ideas?