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  1. Thanks for the schematic, will come in handy!
  2. While packing up my stuff for a range trip tomorrow morning, this pin fell onto the floor. Can anyone identify what it is, where it came from, and how to put back where it belongs? I initially thought it might be from the rear sight, but watching a couple videos I don't think that's it.
  3. Just ordered some of the Herters at $3.79/box. Cheapest I've seen for a while when you add in the free shipping. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Greg for the discount! CSS is a great company to do business with.
  5. Very nice, but not for me. I'll just have Vince walk behind me with a Slap Chop in each hand to take care of my zombie hand/hand situations.
  6. As already stated, keeping magazines loaded will not damage or wear out the springs. Load 'em up.
  7. cpg

    WASR 10

    Yeah, I think that would turn me off the bore snake too! Thanks for the story.
  8. cpg

    WASR 10

    Yeah, I've got a bore snake for many of my calibers. I like them just fine for quick cleaning of the barrel. Never had any problem with them failing, curious to know about YEL13's problem. But it's nice to have the kit that is made for the rifle, if only for aesthetics. I've got a 30 cal brush & mop, but it doesn't fit the threads on the cleaning rod. I don't have the sight tool or slave pin either and a gas chamber brush would be great.
  9. cpg

    WASR 10

    Thanks for the leads. If I can't find one soon, I'll hit the next gun show. Jmzzl, I saw that one on centerfiresystems, but the photo just looked like the empty tube that I already have. Did yours come with the tools inside?
  10. cpg

    WASR 10

    I picked up a WASR-10 and the cleaning kit that comes with the rifle is empty. I borrowed a brush from a Saiga, but the threads don't fit the WASR cleaning rod. Century doesn't have any cleaning kits listed on their website, any idea where I can pick up the cleaning kit that will fit the rod? Or is the Saiga brush threads the issue? Thanks
  11. Just bought Uly 122 FMJ for $3.59/box from an online outfit that nobody likes .
  12. Great info, thanks for posting!
  13. Welcome and enjoy. Young people are the key to gun rights and the RKBA fight. Get many people (young and old) to join you for the ride. It's a very enlightening experience!
  14. LOL! Where is the avatar for that?!?! Seven sixty two by thirty nine.
  15. Empty plastic peanut butter jars work real well for me. Yeah, add the desiccant for long term storage.
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