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  1. Down to just the Ace Universal Receiver Block AKRBU - $15 shipped
  2. Can't edit anymore, but here's what's left: Ace Universal Receiver Block AKRBU - $15 shipped Falcon Ergo Grip Sure Grip (soft rubber) - $15 shipped PG nut/screw - $5 shipped Tapco Pin retaining plate, Hitch pins and E-clips - $ 5 shipped
  3. Bump to split up and add 11-degree muzzle crowning tool. thehun, you have first dibs on the grip if you want it - I thought I sent you a PM but it doesn't show in my PM folder.
  4. Right now I'd like to sell it all to one person to cut down on fees and shipping. I will keep track of requests, though - you'll have first option if I split it.
  5. Built a .308 in '08 and had these parts leftover. Thought I might use them someday for a x39 or 5.45 but would rather have the cash. PM if you want my ebay ID. Prices do not include shipping. I will try to go 1st class USPS on all which should be between $2-4 per item. The stock will have to go parcel post and should be $5.60. If you would prefer Priority Mail, I may be able to stuff the stock into the small flat rate box, also $5.60, but there won't be much room for padding/packing. Brownell's 11 degree muzzle crowning tool with handle and brass .30 pilot - $50 Ace Stock AKFX 8.5" w/ .5" pad - $45 - sale pending Ace Cheek Riser CR - $5 - sale pending Ace Universal Receiver Block AKRBU - $15 Falcon Ergo Grip Sure Grip (soft rubber) - $15 Tapco G2 FCG w/disco spring(?) - $20 - SOLD PG Nut/Screw - $5 Tapco Pin retaining plate, Hitch pins and E-clips - $ 5 Half a dozen baggies of freebie nylon hole plugs. 1 bag to each buyer. What you need to know: The muzzle crowning tool was used twice. There's some minor scoring on the brass but the facing cutter is sharp and nick free. The FCG is new, but I am not 100% sure the disco spring is the correct one. It looks like I bought the spring from Dinzag, but I can't promise it's the right spring because I just don't remember. The stock, cheek riser and grip were installed and used a couple times. The riser block was fitted to the stock but not to a rifle. The stock has scrapes on the sides, probably from screwing around with the riser. The grip has a couple small pressure dents from where it was stored pressed against something. Pictures attached. The grip does not have a bottom cover. It did not come with one, and afaik they never made one. The screw that comes with the PG nut is the long one for wood AK grips. You will need to either get the $3 "hardware kit" from ergogrips.net or hit up your hardware store for an appropriately sized screw to use it with a modern grip. Thanks, Tom
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