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  1. nutical

    Recoil spring/rod assembly picture request

    Here is what mine look like. Does this look fixable? If not, where can I find replacement parts for it? Thanks
  2. Does anybody has a picture of Saiga 12 recoil spring/rod assembly? I think the rod is broken on mine, but want to be double check. Thank you
  3. Personally, it's more matter of what they done for the country. If you got a Purple Heart, you can call yourself Martian-American if you want to. If you are sucking the country dry, chanting "USA, USA", Flag waving, and terrorist hating talk is meaningless.
  4. You will probably better off selling the 20" and buy the 16". From what I see, the FSB will flush with barrel so with or without fsb is the same. You can press in the FSB or hammer it in (with protections), drill two holes, then pin it. Here is the guide by Klassy on how to do it: http://forum.saiga-1...moval-tutorial/
  5. nutical

    New Mini Draco?

    J&G had it. It's backorder now. If you only buy one, the shipping is a killer. During my last gun show trip, I saw at least 4 mini Draco in there starting $499. After shipping and FFL transfer, gun show might be a good option. beside, you have the chance to touch it before you buy it.
  6. nutical

    WTB 4.5mm side folder hardware

    I saw two for sale over akfiles forum
  7. I did at least 5 transfers at Tomball Pawn and bought one pistol from them. They don't seem to be the type of creating hype. They are very straight forward with their answers. May be the owner received wrong information?
  8. If it's credit card, I think the maximum limit you are responsible is $50. I also think bank like Bank of american also offer this protection as well. The theft is a criminal. Criminal is most likely own guns. Therefor, it leads me to believe that person is not a anti-gun. . It silly to plug liberal in every chance you get.
  9. Did Arsenalsinc use the same Legion Saiga rifles that are currently available through the new importer for the the SGL series?
  10. In their defense, it was for research.
  11. nutical

    Trouble with the living trust?

    One is one too many, but out of curiosity, how many people got into trouble due to their Quicken Trust or other non-lawyer trust since the dawn of using Living Trust for NFA? Also, the reason that got them in trouble. I searched around and only found one person.
  12. Today I learned the Star-Spangled Banner became the official national anthem in 1931.
  13. nutical


    I am holding out for the CR and the UR version