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  1. I'm sorry that he died. But he was a journalist, not a head of state. Enough wall to wall television coverage already.
  2. Freeped!!....uhh wrong website....Voted yes along with 97% others.
  3. Taurus pistol that fires 410 shotgun rounds. http://www.taurususa.com/video/taurus-theJudge-video.cfm I like it!!!
  4. No....don't have the machine gun mount. I guess this is the civilian version. Although I do know where to get one if I wanted to install a mount.
  5. Still an on going project is my Ukrainian/Russian Dnepr MT-16 motorcycle and sidecar. When the weather is warmer I use it daily to ride to work. It's fully licensed and a bit unusual for a motorcycle. For instance the transmission has a reverse gear. The sidecar wheel is shaft driven through a differential from the gearbox on the rear motorcycle wheel. And the spare tire on the back will fit any of the three wheels on the machine. It also rides like a rooskie tractor. Took about a year to build....another two years of various upgrades to make it a reliable runner. It's a great machine and a good conversation starter.
  6. Alright... I was trying to be diplomatic....it is dog ass ugly....I'm glad that the production model will look better.
  7. This prototype doesn't look real pretty....but it's a prototype and it's not supposed to look pretty. I saw your video of you cycling the shells through the Saiga...it appeared to be very reliable with no sign of jamming. I think you will have a good product when it gets into production. Thank you for keeping us informed
  8. I had one of those little Subaru mini vans too when was stationed on Okinawa. Oil in one tank and gas in the other. You could get six people in that thing if you needed to. I'd buy one again if they were legal here.
  9. This is my ride when the weather permits. It's a Ukrainian Dnepr motorcycle. I won't go into all of the details of the motorcycle...info is on the net if you are interested. I really enjoy riding it and it's a great way to meet people. Hmmm...something about rooskie stuff...shotguns...motorcycles that are fasinating to me. I ride the Dnepr almost everyday (without the trailer). It runs great and a joy to ride.
  10. I think Browning made a 22 rifle called a T-Bolt that was a straight pull bolt as well.
  11. Just spoke to someone at FBMG and they told me about the situation. Thank you for your patience and commitment to your customers. You could have just thrown up your hands and said, "fu*k it" I'm not going to deal with it. Instead you actually took the lead, from what I can see, found the problem and worked out a good solution. Thank you, to you and Tromix!!
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