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  1. Thanks for the input guys. Cobra I'm up in the foothills, if I recall your out toward Raleigh/Fayetteville area aren't you? I don't make it out that far very often but I appreciate the invite. Evlblk, didnt you do a write up on building that SBS in your avatar?
  2. Appreciate the input. The gas system and SBS is a big a part of why Im asking right now because Im thinking about jumping on the Classic deal by the end of the week before they're gone. I can eat Ramen noodles if need be but I doubt those guns will be seen at that price again!! My only issue with buying the Vepr is HOW HARD WOULD IT BE TO BUILD A SUPER SHORT SBS, down the road; because I dont know how the gas system works and I part of my requirements is SBS capable. I know the S12 is but no idea about the Vepr. Im thinking S12 is the safer bet. Ive seen a few things promised that
  3. Hey guys, looking to get back into an S12 or Vepr-12 but dont know which way to go. Need some help. Ive been out of the loop pretty much since the Veprs hit the market. So Im curious what yall's thoughts are on which is more preferable all things considered (Aftermarket parts,cost of mags, reliability, etc). S12 or Vepr12??? I really enjoyed my MD20's and to my knowledge there are no drums for the Vepr? But I really like the hinged, railed, topcover of the Vepr and they look to be more reliable out the box. I know there's Pro's and cons for both and Im pretty clear on what they are but sti
  4. Yeah thats what I was thinking. $600 sounds closer to what I expected. I know the 20ga isnt as desirable for several reasons which is why I am looking for input on the current market value. Personally I like a 20ga!!!
  5. Oh My. That seems....... steep! Ive seen the S12's for less than that tonight online. Didnt really see many S20's. Been so long I cant recall but I seem to remember the S20's always being cheaper because the demand wasnt as high. Has that changed or what???
  6. Hey guys, Havent posted here in quite a long time. Been reading through posts and thinking I need to spend more time here. Anyway Im looking for some input on what is a fair price for a stock S20. I googled but couldnt really find any new for sale from retailers. Ive owned S12's and really miss them. Looking to get back into Saiga shotguns but I dont want pay the "OMG THEY'RE BANNED" price. Have a chance to make an offer on a new S20 but Im not sure what to offer. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Been vaping over a year now, I initially decided to try it for cost savings and obviously health reasons. Not so much trying to quit though. Ive smoked on and off for 15 years but Ive never had a real problem quitting, the problem is I just enjoy smoking!! Found out the ecigs still satisfy my desire to smoke but they're not killing me or my wallet nearly as much. I use a very basic little plastic 3.7v mod box I built myself,(paid $8 for it) ordered from Madvapes. I use the super shorty 1.7ohm cartomizers, b/c they make a ton of vapor and its HOT vapor, feels more like smoke in my lungs!!!
  8. Used to have one. Those were the days... I like this. Came here to post that I miss the dislike button. Now were only given a limited number of "likes"? Seriously??
  9. I watched the whole thing and didnt find it moving BUT fascinating in the sense that it seems to go against the very gospel of Christ Jesus. To worship this one man and exalt him above all others just seems so wrong to me. I understand he's the head of the Catholic church worldwide but he's still just a man. I have an opinion as to why this happens but I'd like to hear others thoughts on the subject??? No offense to any Catholics here but to me it just seems to directly conflict with the gospel of Jesus and his teaching to worship or idolize this man. I just dont get it????
  10. I've been wanting to try that ever since I saw it! Kinda neat to think that you could outfit someone with somethings that's close to Lv 3 protection for less than $20. If I can find a source for $10 cheap ass plate carriers, I'd start producing these by the dozens... just for the fuck of it! Heck one of the guys in the thread I mentioned just used duct tape to make his own plate carrier. Just wrapped the plates and made a strap connected to em from more duct tape. Hang it around your neck, put something on over it and go!! Obviously a real plate carrier would be better but if you really n
  11. Been doing some reading on affordable armor myself. Theres a thread over on Arfcom about guys using Ceramic floor tiles glued together with Rhino liner as cheap disposable body armor. Some pretty damn interesting results to say the least. I wouldnt rely on something like that when there are better options but Its nice to know if SHTF you could outfit a few people around you with reasonably effective body armor with nothing but some floor tiles and Rhino liner!!! Heres a video of one of the tests.
  12. Meh, I dont see an issue. Anyone wanting to target an airliner only needs look up and pick one out. Its not like they were invisible until now.
  13. I like it. Are you able to shoot whatever caliber you want at that steel? FMJ's as well? No its just some mild steel plate, sourced for free. I have exactly ZERO $ in this setup. Everything was rounded up for free one way or another(legally of course) It handles 9mm 40 and 45 FMJ's just fine and thats really all I wanted to make it for. Eventually I'll get a piece of AR500 for my rifles but this serves me well for handguns.
  14. Heres my homemade reactive targets, nothing special just some random scrap steel I found laying around. While they dont look like most peoples targets they work great and are very portable, everything comes apart. The poles come off the stands, the cross bar comes off and the targets just hang on the cross bar.
  15. Pretty funny that you wrote this statement in the classifieds section here not to long ago^^^ guess your principles have changed from a month or so ago. you a politician by chance? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/83243-wts-nib-molot-vepr-12/ If you can't afford a buck a round to protect your family, you have bigger problems. What a lame ass excuse from someone shooting a thousand dollar shotgun.... I saw your copy and paste on Armslist of the Magpul Facebook page. Nice of you to impose your feelings into a situation where they don't belong. It is my money invested into all the a
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