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  1. I think you guys should take up a collection and help with the burial! You know you care!
  2. I have enough not to have to pay the gouge rate of today. I also have many other calibers that I can shoot with different rifles. I am lucky to have the ability to use the oh so cheap 7.62x54r. I had a shop owner tell me last year that I would have a hard time finding 54r ammo in a crisis situation because it's an odd round. Who's laughing now?
  3. http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=311 That's fine. The gov surplus liquidation auction site sells their once fired brass by the truck loads.
  4. Although someone will probably buy this stuff, those prices are pretty high. I know where pmags are instock, but only because they are so expensive they will not sell.
  5. That is probably why some places have limits on how much you can buy. It seems that people are starting to slow down on the panic buying. I have seen 12 guage 100rd bulk sit in Wal-Mart for three days and counting. Maybe it's on a downward swing now.
  6. Charter sucks balls! My parents have them and they go up in cost and down in channels. I am going to get them dish network because charter is just a crappy service in their area. I at least feel your pain.
  7. What "this"? I don't know what you're asking. If you want me to predict what legislation might be passed - sorry, the crystal ball is in the shop. No idea what may or may not be passed, and whether or not there will be a grandfather clause, and if so, if it will ban transfer of pre-ban items. If I thought you could predict sometthing, I would be asking you about the lottery before I would this topic! Just looking for different views on the subject.
  8. Perfect description of the New York thing. I remember back in 94'-04' when the pre 94' stuff was priced throught the roof and then the prices started to drop like a rock after 04'. I see your point on the 922r deal. But would this not be a whole new slate and there is no such thing as preban as of right now because there is no official federal ban in place like the ones in NY, CA etc?
  9. Ok. It's clear we have different views on this and none of us were there to know what really happend. So I will just leave it alone.
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