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  1. greatmoose


    I've got a near perfect Yugo that I'd part with for $200, I guess.
  2. LOL, yeah, it's a late C-model. Can't remember what the kit was, probably a Tamiya or something. It's 1/32 scale.
  3. First is a perfect condition Mini-14 Tactical model. Hate to part with it, but I got to. Had about 100 rds through it (monarch steel and brass, some winchester), flawless. 100% reliable, more accurate than I am. I installed a CETME bayonet lug and tube. Comes with: factory ruger/hogue stock ATI strike force stock wood factory carbine stock choate vented handguard 3 Ruger 20-rd mags 1 ruger 30-rd mag 1 promag 30-rd mag 1 no-name 30-rd mag 1 20-rd no-name mag cetme bayonet ruger scope rings. I think that's everything. Asking $800 shipped OBO. Thanks! Next is an Egyptian Hakim in 8mm Mauser, stock has been refinished (looks really nice), an SVD type scope rail added to the side, and metal parts appear to be stoved or something. Looks pretty good. The rear sight does not have the slider, but these pop up on evil-bay and other places periodically. Comes with some random spare parts (springs and pins and such) and a 30rd MG-34 mag than can be modifed to fit. Asking $425 shipped OBO. And lastly (for now) a Rock Island Armory M1911A1, great condition, 100% reliable, has colt bakelite grips and a spare set of wood grips, comes with 2 mags (don't know what they are). No pics at the moment. Asking $400 shipped OBO.
  4. greatmoose

    Anyone finding threaded barrels under shrouds?

    Cool, keep us posted!
  5. greatmoose

    Anyone have the DPH clip mount and flash hider?

    Do you HAVE to use the CNC flash hider for it, will nothing else fit?
  6. greatmoose

    can i make this?!

    The handguard is a CAA/TDI ris handguard. Made in Israel. Good stuff, too.
  7. greatmoose

    WTS: Surplus Guns

    Sterling is SOLD! Thanks zombiedrifter!
  8. greatmoose

    WTB: AK Polymer Furniture

    Lol, that's actually the ONE thing I don't need. Thanks anyway!
  9. greatmoose

    WTB: AK Polymer Furniture

    Need to get a set of polymer furniture (at least handguards, but buttstock would be good too), bulgarian style preferred. Can be US or foreign. THanks!
  10. greatmoose

    WTS: Surplus Guns

    Probably not, but I'm willing to entertain offers.
  11. greatmoose

    WTS: Surplus Guns

    Prices lowered...Offers accepted...
  12. greatmoose

    WTS: Surplus Guns

    FR-8 Sold Pending funds.