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  1. I've got a near perfect Yugo that I'd part with for $200, I guess.
  2. LOL, yeah, it's a late C-model. Can't remember what the kit was, probably a Tamiya or something. It's 1/32 scale.
  3. First is a perfect condition Mini-14 Tactical model. Hate to part with it, but I got to. Had about 100 rds through it (monarch steel and brass, some winchester), flawless. 100% reliable, more accurate than I am. I installed a CETME bayonet lug and tube. Comes with: factory ruger/hogue stock ATI strike force stock wood factory carbine stock choate vented handguard 3 Ruger 20-rd mags 1 ruger 30-rd mag 1 promag 30-rd mag 1 no-name 30-rd mag 1 20-rd no-name mag cetme bayonet ruger scope rings. I think that's everything. Asking $800 shipped OBO. Thanks!
  4. Do you HAVE to use the CNC flash hider for it, will nothing else fit?
  5. The handguard is a CAA/TDI ris handguard. Made in Israel. Good stuff, too.
  6. Lol, that's actually the ONE thing I don't need. Thanks anyway!
  7. Need to get a set of polymer furniture (at least handguards, but buttstock would be good too), bulgarian style preferred. Can be US or foreign. THanks!
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