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  1. I sure do love all the jokes and stuff you put up on here!

  2. Ill try to explain then. Sorry if I am being confusing. The way that the UPPER part of the hand guard attaches to the rifle, is by four screws, which screw into the already attached lower hand guard. Two on each side. You can see this in the photo you posted. Here is a photo of the inside of the rail, so you can see how the upper attaches. Rail Inside So, there really isn't a way to "run the upper instead that clamps to the gas tube" because the upper part of the rail works off of the lower part. Make sense? I guess if you wanted to some how modify the upper part of the rail to attach
  3. Oh man that is more than likely already bad. Take one of the rounds out and smell it. If it smells kind of like cold steel and gunpowder, it is more than likely rotten. I can do you an awesome favor though. If you want to dispose of it, instead of paying a fee to dump it (since it is an explosive) you can just ship it to me and avoid that whole process. Let me know if you want me to give you my address so you can ship it over before it gets any worse. P.S. This is a serious matter. Rotten ammo has a tendancy to go off un-expected. You should either mail it to me or take it outside and bury
  4. You could run the lower part of the rail only, and get the gastube mount as the top. You don't need the top of the MWI to use it.
  5. Yea the same thing happened to my 7.62 mag. They responded fairly quickly. I included pictures of the failure. Mine broke in the same exact place. They need to reinforce the mag lip with metal. Here is the email they sent me: Hi ********, I apologize that this happened. Please return the magazine to the address below and I will send you out a replacement. SGM Tactical LLC 2404 East Broadway Avenue Maryville, TN 37804 Laurie Customer Service
  6. Sweet just what I needed. I ordered one already.
  7. I have a MWI and it is fricking rock solid. And it has a great price as well. The top attaches by screwing to the bottom, so I don't think you could only run the top unless you made some modifications to the bottom rail. The bottom is really where the strenght is at. Also, US Palm and MWI have teamed up to make a simular rail, which has the same bottom, and a new top rail that will co-witness with aimpoint, bushnell, leopold, and other red dot / reflex sights. That cuts out the only reason the Ultimak would be better. You can find the rail at US Palm / MWI Rail
  8. http://t2.gstatic.co...fsVL1ZnfLtg&t=1 Hahahaha! Thats a good one! The tantal I got was one of the ones that had a barrel with the wrong twist rate, and every bullet keyholed after about 25 yds. Screw century!
  9. Thats why I don't buy anything from century. I learned my lesson the hard way, when I got a 5.45 x 39 tantal imported by century. They are nothing but crooks selling low quality, un-reliable products. I tell everyone I know to stay away from century.
  10. I know where to find cheap 7.62 x 39, and i'm getting 1000rds with this tax rebate, but I can't find any cheap bulk 20 gauge buckshot or slugs. Does anyone know of anywhere to find cheap bulk 20g buck and slug as well as cheap bulk 9mm? Thanks.
  11. Unusual color pattern there! Something to turn heads very different.
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