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  1. You take it the wrong way, Bob Ash from Tromix, I LOVE the evil features, I just don't think the time is right now, or ever has been to transform a "Sporting" weapon, into an "evil" weapons platform that was, and is one "Decision" away from being either stopped from importation, and/or regulated if it goes the way of the USAS 12, or more secondarily, the Street Sweeper, Striker 12 type of shotguns. I guess it was living through that whole 10 plus year, "Assault Weapons" ban thingy, as well as the prior USAS/Striker bans, that make be a bit cautious about where the future of our collective
  2. SP, ask him if he could buy a modded, short barrel, Saiga, from the USA, and have it shipped to him in Russia, my point was more that some of the most common things we take for granted, most other countries people wish for. My brother in law's cousin from Italy, came to the USA, and wanted to shoot a Beretta M9. He served in the Italian Military, and never once fired a pistol, or, for that matter, any type of long arm. He trained with them but was never issued ammo, or allowed to actually fire a weapon.
  3. No, its STILL in hunting condition, don't EVER FORGET that its a SPORTING WEAPON!
  4. Just wondering where Bob Ash of TROMIX would place my opinion? Am I tin foil hat? Perhaps ignorant opinion? I think probably "armchair gunsmith" because I have advocated double thinking the permanent conversion process from the beginning. You wanna see EAT YOUR OWN? Look at Olympic Arms, they have NEVER regained their stature after the whole steel core ammo fiasco, and, why should they, a bad BUSINESS decision, to chamber four test pistols in 7.62 x 39 cost a whole lot of other BUSINESSES, millions, no, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, in lost ammo sales. IF, and as I have STATED IF, t
  5. As a welder I detest JB Weld, as it just takes more time to prep for a proper weld. However, if you slotted the back of the mag, and fit in a new metal tab, and epoxied it into the slot, and rebuilt the top angle with JB weld, you may be able to do a decent patch. I prefer other epoxies to JB weld, PC7 for example, it has a nice long work time.
  6. Seeing that the rear tab is pretty much gone, yeah, I think you took off a bit too much. I didn't think that you needed to take any off the rear? I never did with any of mine.
  7. 5 rounds aren't enough for a little piggy? MOUNT A BAYONET!!!!!
  8. "What I really think is scare mongers like you drive the price of the guns up. Sure they'll come back down, once the study is complete. But you'll most likely never see them sell for under $450.00 again, and that's being optimistic." NOTE TO SELF: Contact my brother in law in charge at the ATF tomorrow morning, and tell him to leak to the press that the Ban has already been approved for all S-12's, and then capitalize by selling my one saiga 12, and then retiring on the profits. Yeah right. And guess what dipshit, when the first Saigas were selling for under 450, it was because
  9. But Duuuuuuude, their like awesoooooomely TACTICOOOOOOOOOOOOL....... And, they are inversely proportional in size to the owners penis length.
  10. Sure, you offered 400 correct? If thats your opinion of their future value, I'll take yours for that price. Cmon, if you feel the gun is going to be worthless, I'll honor your opinion.
  11. Ever heard the phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is"? It's similar to, "Put up or shut up". Which is a derivative of, "Money talks and BS walks". I think you get where I'm going with this. Sorry, I still don't get it? You want to pay up or not???
  12. "I say no one is "Banning" the current S-12. Anyone want to bet? Come on. One of you SCARETASTIC nimrods must feel strongly enough about your convictions to assign a dollar value. ANYONE?!?!" Sure, I assigned a dollar value way back, you just keep ignoring my asking price. Its simple, if they are banned, I estimate they will approximately double in value, once the frenzy settled down. I see Striker 12's at about 1200 bucks, double what they retailed for. You can have all of my stuff you want, at double the current value, so, since we have reports of NIB Saigas wi
  13. Nice summary Kliegl. I love when I get to the point in a debate where the liberal asks the inevitable question.......... "SO, IF YOU CAN OWN A MACHINE GUN, YOU PROBABLY THINK YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO OWN ARTILLERY, OR AN ATOMIC BOMB?????" (Caps added, because by this point, after countering everyone of their liberal playbook arguments with fact, they ARE SHOUTING at me) I answer them. "Yes, technically, I should be able to." Then, I go into how difficult it would be for an individual to acquire the components, and material for an atomic bomb, not to mention expense, and techni
  14. Its good to see bridis and zombie slayer both are getting a good education at elementary schools that provide free internet and laptops. But go ahead and feel free to come at me with some FACTS anytime you wish, till then, you open your mouth to speak, and only shit comes out..
  15. The minute you fire, or booger with a factory gun, you have killed its collector value, but don't trust me, go buy a NIB Polytech legend, and swap out the factory wood, for some US made plastic stuff, put a few hundred rounds through it, and Kryloflage it, then see what you get on resale.
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