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  1. Zastava PAP M77 PS - .308 - Kinda weird but REALLY cool Dummy mag for illustration purposes AZG +1 for your shorty -
  2. Looking for OEM FSB for Saiga-308, if anybody's got one left over from a tricked-out conversion- Please PM or 209-256-4712 Thanks, Matt S -
  3. AWO M76 8mm - assembled Nov 2013 i think - I don't know much about it but this one has the round lightening cuts -
  4. same ol' paint job, but with HK sights - it rules
  5. I like ALL of the above - here's mine again w/ 1-6 x 28 scope on a Midwest Industries mount -
  6. Hey Matt, Do you have a magazine lock on your rifle? If you do, you are completely allowed to have a flash hider. You only would not be able to have one if you had a semi-automatic centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine. I assume you do have one since you have a pistol grip. So if you want a flash hider, do it up! What part of NorCal do you live in? Yes - mag lock installed - new picture isn't close-up, but you can see the shroud bolted onto the bottom of the trigger guard. your info makes this thread even happier for me - thanx. I live in Amador County, kinda on the way t
  7. very informative - i've been itching to bring my .670" bbl diameter down for 5/8 x 24 - i will now get an adjustable die and just thread it. tiny shoulder on my '09 muzzle. i went another route for my FSB - but the old sleeve is still on, pending muzzle treatment - ++ on the FSC30 as i am in CA and no flash hiders "allowed" - thanx for informing, esp. RED333 & way to DIY the cheek pad DrThunder88! matt - w/pic for ideas/inspiration
  8. The MI rail looks nice and low - better looking on your rifle than on the MI website - i am sure it is excellent, but how do you like it? -matt
  9. yes - that's where i got the idea! they attach up front with some proprietary mount and look really nice. no free float effect, but that is not really necessary. the price is right too. like mine, the vent holes allow you to mount rail sections where you want them. of course, a look at Frmr0317's rifle above should show that the factory guard can still look nice and clean on a really good rifle. lightweight, cool and comfortable too - which is more than can be said of many forends.
  10. some shotgunnews guys report that AK variants with milled or RPK receivers also heat up and hold the heat, for what that's worth. maybe my M1 (milled, of course) did too and i just never noticed. hot or not VEPRS are cool and i would love 1 PS _ Gulo thanks for checking out my S-308 in the picture thread - hope i answered your ???s over there matt
  11. one more thing Gulo, w/ a VEPR you can use an ultimak gas tube. i only modified the factory gas tube/mounting system because they don't have a model to fit the Saiga-308 heavy, tapered barrel. and with some imagination an ultimak could probably be made to work on the Saiga-308 - maybe it's been done already???
  12. thanks fellas - as to the weight/balance - the original furniture is pretty light, so i am sure i've added an ounce or few, but you can see from the way i am holding it that it will balance somewhere in the magazine (loaded). that's w/ a red dot up front, but no muzzle device yet -so...? for what my guess is worth, i think a standard position scope and mount will bring the balance back a little further. the choate stock moves the weight back a some as well. LOP : i cut the stock and remounted the good buttplate/pad that came w/ it - real PITA. for us shorties on any other stock, i've ju
  13. maybe same hairline but Hulk is about 2' taller
  14. it's by Choate - "Dragunov stock for stamped AKs/MAADIs" - i got it from ultimak and it's on their site. it didn't fit up all the way at first and i had to remove some material in where the stock interfaces with the rear of the receiver in order to get it to square up at the pistol grip nut/no gaps etc. not a fun job -but for all i know i bent the receiver out of square when i was stripping it down for conversion. the stock isn't totally hollow, a little heavy but feels very strong and balances ok. fits my medium-ish hands - i cut to 12-1/2" LOP - another story. needs a comb r
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