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  1. It actually looks like that tang on the barrel made contact and bent inward. It should be straight. It might be contacting there first and causing the bolt to collide in other places it shouldn’t be...
  2. I wonder what pushed him over the edge. Definitely appears to be a form of suicide. Crazy... https://www.abcfoxmontana.com/kalispell/lake-county-man-dies-after-being-hit-by-car/article_f35ef42a-4f09-11e9-86fd-43ca553d3671.html
  3. Also the Lynx was designed by SDS. They provided all drawings for production. They are the only name on the gun. The contracted for it to be built. Not the same as all those Turkish guns that everyone puts their own unique name and model on. Saying they aren’t the manufacture is the same as saying Apple doesn’t manufacture the IPhone.
  4. These looks cool and are just straight slab side prototypes. Wouldn’t take much ribbing, etc, to really dress them up either...
  5. A polymer double stack could look really nice. Even cooler than an single stack actually. Just knowing it has more capacity in a shorter length will help the look as well... My vision for a Saiga-12 double stack is to have a comparable price to a single stack. Not some jacked up price that keeps single stacks viable... What happened to the Mossberg mag won’t be happening again. Not in price or design... Prices of those have come down a lot though. It’s easy to find a 20rd for $70 to $80 now but still high in my opinion. The truth of it is a single stack mag can’t even compete in
  6. The only issue with inventory on the Gunfixer plug is that I ran out of stock. I do recall him making accuastations after stock ran out and they wasn’t being offering for sale. It became a hassle dealing with him. His approach sealed the deal that their would be no more produced as well and hastened me purchasing my own CNC Lathe and producing my own design. Problem solved. Every single plug sold sold had his cut sent to him. Had he kept his end of the deal and not came off with the accusations it is likely I would have ran a few more thousand of his design. He can only blame himself t
  7. Not sure what happened there with some stuff being larger text. I rearranged some with copy and paste and that’s what it did...
  8. It’s not that I didn’t trust you. If I don’t trust someone they don’t get a deal considered to begin with regardless how good and protected it was going to be on paper. The more talking that happens though the less I do trust in the sense of being an overall good choose for a licensee holder and the better I feel about having ruled out you as an option... I doubt you could keep up with production anyways. I built the drums in batches of 10,000... If the market picks back up 10,000 wouldn’t cut it for double stacks... Typically as a licensee you submit a monthly report and the licenso
  9. I first pointed out on the forum here that this needed to be done around 2007 or 2008. The russians most have overlooked it because most the ammo over there is longer than ours here and the condition didn’t happen with their ammo.
  10. MikeD


    Get you a 20rd MD-20 drum from MAA or DEGUNS because the 8 and 10 rd mags will get old fast too, lol. I have been blowing out a few on Gunbroker. Had just a few that DEGUNS was suppose to get but never did. Held them around 14 months for them and last I spoke to them I mentioned them but no reply back on them so I decided to dump them myself.
  11. The K-USA has a gas plug that is the same as the Saiga-12. Only 2 settings. The chamber volume with that plug is really large. It is inefficient for low power ammo and let’s in way too much gas for most high power ammo. It requires a tool to depress the pin to adjust it. It lets a lot of fouling get to the threads easily. I really wish the K-USA and Lynx both would have been stock with a better plug. The V-Plug was kick ass for an adjustable plug. It was the best I could do with the gun I had to work with. Most of the other plugs that changed stuff lost effectiveness for low power amm
  12. That’s a definite reason a deal couldn’t be made. No one in their right mind or business sense would give a licensing agreement to someone with no way to verify sales. Any serious lisensing agreement comes with the ability for the lisensor to audit the licensee both on production and sales. That is just standard business practice for things like this.
  13. The number 2 setting is way too much gas for some high brass rounds. The number 1 setting is not enough for most. It is a poorly thought out gas plug. Better than the original Saiga-12 gas plug though.
  14. Do you know if the gas plug is the stock Lynx plug? Can you post a picture of it?
  15. Seriously scratching my head on why they didn’t rethread the barrel on this gun. But I guess I scratch my head on why they kept the same flawed gas plug when they built the base gun as well...
  16. The tab is typically welded to the front underside of the dust cover. The carrier bounces up as the rod stub leaves the tube. The tab reduces the amount of pry and resistance the bounce can cause against the rails and also keeps the stub down low enough that it doesn’t crash into the the upper edge of the tube on it’s return. Ill have to get me one of those Spetz and check out what they are doing.
  17. Lol. I definitely don’t consider them a rival. I explored the idea of a licensing agreement with them and didn’t like the resposivness or receptiveness. Also they are a smaller company and that can make accountability trickier as far as royalties go. Not saying I didn’t trust them or anything like that though but it’s definitly things to consider. The first patent runs out in 2033. Ccspecs brother had concerns certain geometry wasn’t stampable. Another stamper, a giant company, said it couldn’t be stamped as well. Honestly I don’t buy that though. I’m not even in that field and
  18. I know what you mean but it is true. The fit and finish puts the Saiga-12 to shame on all I have seen. I have 2 of them as well. These are made in the same factory that produced the type 56 AK. Plus SDS was demanding quality. I constantly see the lead engineer making trips to China as well. Probably once a month or close to it. Likely because you do have to keep your eye on China. China does have access to quality material, weather they use it or not is largely based on if the contractor demands it. At the price of them you should just get one and see for yourself. It’s going to blow
  19. Our talks never got to the point of discussing numbers because you left it off at if you could even do it. Maybe one message you claimed to send didn’t go through but honestly having a hard time that 3 didn’t. Other ways I could have been reached by someone that was serious as well. You never showed any real interest and said your brother didn’t either on more than one occasion. Not going to let you pass the buck off on me why our talks never went anywhere. At this point that boat has sailed as well. Not trying to insult or anything like that but it is what it is and it went how I said.
  20. Yeah, China has an utter shit government. Why those people don’t rise up and hang them all blows my mind. Sheep...
  21. The big reason the quality is better is SDS demanded it and paid for it. They even have ever single hammer forged bolt x-rayed... The Chinese can make good stuff. The problem is most companies that contract work from them don’t demand it and want to pay as little as possible. That’s why the Catamount line is such junk and some others. Also most stuff China makes themselves to sell is junk. They get away with all they can. Look at all the counterfeit junk they make for export. Bearings, batteries, and on and on...
  22. MikeD


    No problem! Glad you still have them!
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