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    I had a couple of those too and sold them. Wishing I had held onto them as well.
  2. Right, the cost of manufacturing doesn’t have anything to do with the validity of the patent. I didn’t design the Mossberg mag or a lot of things would be different including the ability to take 3” rounds. I don’t see any reason that the system couldn’t have been designed to accept 3” rounds. Not many people use three in rounds in a shotgun of this nature but the option is always nice to have in my opinion.
  3. The key to the black ace patent is using an elongated receiver and that it takes all original parts of the gun in stock condition with the exception of the mentioned modified parts like the slide and bolt... The elongated receiver was needed to make room for a thicker polymer magazine. All those previous mentioned guns used a standard length receiver and thin walled metal mags. Like the new 870DM. The mag walls are thin enough that an elongated receiver wasn’t required. The 590M has an elongated receiver like stated in the above patent. It also has the mentioned modified par
  4. I haven’t actually read that patent fully. If it says it makes the mag cheaper to make that is definitely incorrect. Making a single piece body mag from a single mold vs making two pieces from two different molds and then the time to screw them together is definitely not cheaper. I’m actually surprised that patent was issued also. There would be nothing wrong with modifying existing mags or modifying existing guns to use the mags as long as the upper section of the mag remained in place. That is the double stack and is where the magic takes place. If it is replaced with a different
  5. MikeD


    I have 2 of the Lynx. One the bolt carrier is hard to get back in and the other it goes in no problem. The rear trunnion is just a touch narrow and the rivets are being over crushed making some of the guns harder to get the bolt carrier in. I pointed this out to them and supposedly they are addressing it.
  6. Not sure what happened with the PM’s. My box wasn’t full though. I actually have a patent pending on a second way to do a double stack. It would definitely be an easier geometry to stamp. But I also now have some irons in the fire on a Saiga-12 double stack and need to see what pans out before pursuing other deals on one.
  7. This one. https://www.google.com.pg/patents/US8966801 The number is on the tower section along with the number for the double stack patent. I think Mossberg has an exclusive on the tower section patent but not sure. I know they definitely have a right to enforce both it and the double stack patent. Making a tower is infringing on 2 different patents. It would be very unwise for someone to do so. If someome wants to use these mags in another gun they will need to work with what is there. If they remove the tower and replace it with a different tower they are asking for s
  8. Actually the ball on a stamped double stack was left in Csspecs court. I initiated contact 8-31-2017. We had a few messages that day and it ended with him saying he would look at the drawings closer and then me offering suggestions to stamping concerns he had. I contacted again 09-12-2017 asking if he had a chance to look at the drawings. He replied on 09-15-2017 and said that hurricane Irma had them cleaning up and work would restart for a few days but he would try to look at the drawings in the next few days. That was the last I heard from him. The last time he viewed our private mess
  9. I have had a few other interested in doing a Saiga-12 double stack but nothing to my liking yet on what I want the mag to be or cost.
  10. A new tower infringes on two different patents. The tower is the double stack and there is a patent on the changeable tower as well.
  11. I missed the email and apologize. Send me a message here. Actually I have been slaving away on new designs. I have 2 more patents pending on mag designs. A new drum design and a different way to do a double stack...
  12. If a new tower is made it will actually infringe on two different patents. The only way to do it is to modify the existing tower of the mag. The notches in the receiver aren’t patented. They are suppose to be for recoil mitigation but really they aren’t even needed. If anything they just make the receiver weaker. The real forces on the magazine aren’t front to back but are downward forces on the front and rear mag catch. That means the notches aren’t really doing anything at all.
  13. The Semi AA-12 won’t have the same recoil control as the open bolt version. To answer the question if a close bolt semi could have the recoil control the open bolt fullauto does the answer is Yes and even better. When I got my semi AA-12 I saw first hand how horrible the recoil is on it in closed bolt. I came up with a super simple way to cancel the recoil regardless of it is closed bolt or not. It would even work for an artilary cannon, lol. I have spoke to the guys that took over the AA-12 about it but no bites. It’s a shame because it would be super simple to incorporate into th
  14. MikeD


    Actually the Lynx is beefier than the Saiga. It’s receiver is thicker. The carrier and op rod (not the piston) are not one piece. They are two separate pieces that seat very nicely together. One of the main reasons some would break in the Saiga is because they didn’t fit nicely together and flopped around. Some Saigas also sandwhiched the piston between the op rod and the gas regulator. That put all the stress where the op rod screwed into carrier and some would crack. That combined with the play is where those cracks were coming from. The gas plug is lacking in design. The
  15. I was sleeping in a little that day. I came down stairs and my dad was watching Fox. It was right after the second tower had fallen. The screen was just a haze of dust and smoke. It was an airial view from across the bay. Only thing I could make out was a very small Staute of Liberty in the bottom left corner of the screen. I asked my dad what happened. He simply said, “They bombed New York.” I immediately thought nuked and asked my dad what the hell he doing sitting there and letting me lay in bed. We aren’t far from Wright-Pat Airforce base and if nukes were flying we needed to be g
  16. Took me 18 months from the time I said I was building a Saiga drum until it was shipping! A lot in the industry said that was quick but it was the longest and scariest 18 months of my life!!! I tried to juggle both my tree service and the drum development in the beginning. After a couple months I realized the tree business was slowing me greatly and would likely kill the drum. I had to make a choice. I came down out of the tree for good and hit the drum development fulltime. By full time I mean basically all waking hours spent researching materials, production methods, mold design,
  17. Actually I have a semi Mossberg I converted to magfed. I did away with the rear spring and put it on the tube. Reduced about 14 parts from the gun and a half pound of weight! Made the gun more reliable, blows the gas chamber clean ever round like an AK, you can have a folding stock or sole pistol grip now. It was actually a super simple design change and superior in basically every regard to the gun.
  18. You mean “The most advanced AK mag in the world.” They were a joke. I got some. One drop busted the feedlips. One light smack to the front of the mag in the gun and it ripped the metal reinforcements damn near completely out. Pure garbage!
  19. You are correct! With the fear removed of imminent bans the market has slowed. Now manufactures have to concentrate on new and innovative to get sales and simply making AR-15s 24/7 isn’t going to cut it. That’s a good thing for advancement!
  20. Still check in from time to time. The drum wars, lol! Bringing the MD-20 was definitely a battle! Even when the wall was breeched there was still a battle to reach to command center, lol. I remember the reliability service to get the wraithmaker’s bad feedlips to not jam the gun. Yeah, that’s pretty much all it was that was wrong with their drum, the feedlips. Had they been better guys I would have told them back then, competition or not... They finally figured it out though but not until they had destroyed themselves, lol!
  21. Modifying the existing mag wouldnt be patent infringement. Someone couldn’t swap out the tower though for another. They would have to use the tower as is or modified and use the existing tower.
  22. We have been talking in private. I have also forwarded his contact information on. At this time I should give them a chance to handle it together. Russel’s article for the 590M is due out in October. I am hoping a conclusion is reached in time for an update.
  23. It was a double feed. You can see it at 3:51. The top round was out of the magazine.
  24. I’m trying to work it out with Russell. I really don’t want any bad blood from this.
  25. Well, It appears Russell has written an article with bad info regarding what he thought was the cause of his problem in the video above. It will be published in Recoil Magazine. I tried to explain to him in the comment section that his assumptions were incorrect and his deemed fix was irrelevant. He then stated it happened multiple times during the coarse of his match and stages even though the 2 videos and his spoken word in those videos contradicts that statement... This is exactly how bad info and rumors start getting spread and from those that don’t even understand the desi
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