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  1. I just bought an M&P Shield 9mm. Here is the Glock 43 version of the holster I'm thinking of going with. Good reviews and the price is right. https://www.amazon.com/Glock-Holster-Veteran-Owned-Company/dp/B01DMMKUFC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470103347&sr=8-1&keywords=cya+supply+co.+glock+43 Thanks i will check it out. Right now I am leaning towards a recluse pocket holster since that is what i am used to but if i go iwb that looks good.
  2. Just bought a glock 43 single stack 9mm and it shoots great. 1st 30 rds shot with no malfunctions and just as accurate as my 17 and 26. Its my new ccw just gotta decide what holster. A new gun is always a positive!
  3. The magwell came from legion. Google them they are a great company and shipped out my stuff same day. As far as difficulty to install take a look at post #9 in this thread again the 3rd pic that i posted will pretty much show you what has to be done. The top gun in that pic is the saiga 12 that was about to be modified and the bottom gun is a vepr 12 with the magwell removed. You can see how much metal i had to remove from the saiga receiver in that pic. If you are handy with a dremel the go for it. Just be careful not to take to much metal off. Thanks to distal for more info on the plastic we
  4. I just put a competition magwell on my saiga 12 and figured that it was to long to accept the new drums. I think you just confirmed my suspicion. It is about 2 times the length of the poly magwell on my vepr. I am seriously considering cutting it down and removing the flared section so that it will take these drums. My drum wont be here till tomorrow though so i cant confirm the problem till then.
  5. It has been a while since I was on here but when i heard these mags are finally real and available I ordered 2. They are supposed to be here tomorrow according to the tracking. They are coming from gun mag warehouse. I have never ordered from them before so i am wondering how it will work out.
  6. I finished putting the magwell on tonight and it turned out pretty good. I had to take a little off the mag catch tab so the mags from my vepr would fit without a fight and now they go in easy and drop free. I am very glad i did this but now I need to get on the ball and stock up on vepr mags. I test fired about 25 rds of federal bulk and it worked flawlessly. Gun fun, tell me more about the plastic welding. Where do you get the tools and supplies? Heres a few pics of the finished product.
  7. Those 2 look great together. I wish I would have thought about the poly sgm magwell before I went and bought the Russian competition magwell. Oh well. Just got a little done on this project.
  8. Good idea. I was thinking along those lines. Since the mag pin hole is already there and i have to make the other hole at the other end. Question for you evil. Wasn't it you that came up with the tab for the verp 12 to run rock n lock mags? I couldn't remember who thought of that. If anyone is interested I will take some pictures of this process.
  9. Holly crap I think you just made a good point. I forgot about the mod that somebody came up with to convert the vepr back to rock n lock mags. Its a little plate or something right? So in theory if for some reason I decided to go back to rock n lock mags I guess I could. Thank you for your input. I hadn't thought about that. You can never have to many options.
  10. I tend to agree with your mindset. I just got freaked out a little when I saw how much metal I was going to have to cut out for the new magwell. Sometimes I jump the gun and make impulsive decisions and since the only people that even know what I am talking about are on this board I needed some reassurance before I got the dremel out. Probably gonna keep the one s 12 I have thats rock and lock that way for now though. I have to much invested in those mags to get rid of them right now. But I do think it is time to get rid of the travers magwell. It is more for competition shooting and I am gear
  11. So here is the question. And i am looking for opinions. Currently i have an s 12 with alot of good stuff on it that has a jack travers sgm magwell adapter on it. I am planing on changing the magwell out for a vepr 12 magwell. I have a vepr 12 as well and would really like magazine compatibility between the two. I currently have the vepr magwell ready to install but when i got started i realized that there is no turning back after i do it. I will have to open up the mag opening in the gun alot for it to accept the vepr magwell. After that i will never be able to use S 12 rock and locks or t
  12. Nice edit job gun fun. Good additional info. When you listed front site block were you talking about the part the stock gas tube is pressed into.
  13. Rear trunnion you can use standard AK trunnions, at least I did in my build Receivers, 80% are US made Ejector block ... some are made but low numbers Gas block and gas tube ... I was under the impression that there were those US made with rails on top. Nothing that I've used, but I think that some are already here. Yup, not worries about making Saiga in US, the main problem is cost/ volume. With bigger volume the cost should go down, but it won't happen overnight. Who makes the 80 % receivers?
  14. So I just received my new bolt carrier from R and R targets and got to thinking. Probably more than half of the parts on a saiga 12 are already being made here in the US. Correct me if I am wrong and feel free to add to the list if I miss anything. Part....................Manufacturer Bolt carrier........... R and R targets Bolt...................... R and R targets. Coming soon Recoil assy...........R and R targets Stock....................Many sources Trigger................. Many sources Trig grd................ Many sources Barrel................... Icc mfg Op rod........
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