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  1. EJ45


    Down the road from San Antonio in Victoria
  2. After I went through a couple of boxes of Federal bulk shells last year, I bought me a cheap reloader and made some lights just like those
  3. I have an '09 3 hole gun that ran federal bulk all day long out of the box. It seems most of the more recent guns seem to have less issues right out of the box
  4. The "conversion" puts them BACK to the configuration they were intended to be in
  5. I remember being in Belgium some years ago and some "enviro nuts" were protesting in the streets, a big armored personnel carrier with a water cannon on top and about 50 people in riot gear showed up. They cleared out pretty fast.
  6. I'll be watching it! I really like the slower zombies that will overwhelm you with numbers over the ones running at top speed after you. Season 1 was great!
  7. Everyone has one, dont worry about it. Congrats on the gun, have fun with it
  8. The 10/22 is a solid, accurate little gun. If you like to shoot, you cant do it much cheaper. Everyone needs a good .22 to have on the stash
  9. could be interesting! http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011/09/29/massive-homemade-12-gauge-revolver/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheFirearmBlog+%28The+Firearm+Blog%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
  10. I think anyone found guilty of such things should be strung up and hung from a tall tree like they used to.
  11. My fiancee rented it for me the other day to see if Id like it before she bought it for me. I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked to, but I will defiantly be getting it soon!
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