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  1. The 8M3 was a cheap bullet that was demonstrated to be terminally effective in a couple mediums including a hog, by a handful of people a few years back when it was loaded in wolf military classic. It was a great cheap hollowpoint that was capable of producing great wounds without spending federal premium or winchester super-x money. Many even prefer that round over the higher quality hunting stuff
  2. From the first Ad: "THIS IS A NEW IN BOX Serbian MADE AK 47. I ONLY FIRED IT A FEW TIMES TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING RAN SMOOTH. I CLEAN AND OIL OFTEN. RIFLE STAYS IN A VERY NICE GUN CASE THATS ALSO INCLUDED" Not only is it not new, but it also isnt in its correct box. What a hack
  3. I have pulled off quite a few gasblocks for saiga 12s and although its not my favorite thing to do I have the ability. I appreciate the advice and offer from cobra, I will get a picture when possible, not sure if i can capture the problem well enough to be able to see if its too far gone, I was contemplating trying to shorten the screw and see if it grabs or using a self tapping screw, but ideally i would like it to use the correct hardware
  4. I have a saiga 12 that has a good portion of the gas block threads and original handguard screw threads stipped to the point that the handguard wont properly screw on to satisfactory level. What do you guys suggest within reason to correct this issue? I'm guessing that I will have to remove and re-tap the gas block to a different thread that would be a larger diameter and also change to a reciprocating screw. I'd like to think I'm wrong or maybe I missed the surplus or aftermarket replacement that would allow me to keep it as it should be. Thanks for any help you might offer
  5. I think you'd have to cut the barrel back some to get it to thread that muzzle device without it looking off with a barrel exposed in the gap. Maybe I'm mistaken, I'd love to be mistaken about that.
  6. Shipping FFL to FFL or must my FFL except shipment from an individual?
  7. I have pretty much any color in either NIB, what were you thinking for number of mags per what stock? Prefer military surplus or US Palm poly.
  8. Havent heard from him still. Guessing that it hs sold. If not Im still in.
  9. Some rifles have less clearance between the mag release and the reciever, I have seen it especially with MAK-90s and Saiga sporters. Sometimes the top of the release needs to be leveled out or opened up. Of course you can overdo it and the best practice is to file the cheapest part first. On a MAK90 I have, the top of the catch was higher on one side than the other, some light fileing later and it was more accepting of various mags and without extra wiggle. A saiga or two I've sold would not accept any mag other than the factory five they shipped with. These had to be opened up to accept stand
  10. Tritium is correct as to the minimum that a FFL must keep old 4473 forms on file. Others are correct in that if the FFL closes as an FFL the records are supposed to get sent in. Face to face is all up to the paper work done by those involved and the copies they might have made for the other party. If the FFL is audited then the ATF looks at whatever they choose to, it can be quick about one thing, or a complete review of everything. Check the ATF website for more information than you'll ever want to read.
  11. Was this something you carried at all? Humidity and sweat are playing two different games, the salinity and acidity of the humidity a human body makes is both varying person to person, and much more corrosive than humidity typically found in areas not close to salt water bodies. Despite this we still would expect the metal not to rust, but I've seen it happen in a number of different handguns by different makers. Hk and Glock have great finishes, M&P, Sigs and a good amount of others are descent but can rust when carried daily even if taken care of somewhat regularly. What type of oil
  12. I have a TRS25 and never had a problem with it, but check the front lense for correct placement, I've seen two that were jacked up
  13. I've been a subscriber to your youtube channel since you only had a couple of videos up, I had to sub so I wouldn't miss any new funny videos. Sorry to see that they had to amputate your arm, thanks so much for your service and way to keep your head up!
  14. I'm using the setup you describe minus the CTR, I have a good sight picture without a cheek riser on my MAKO recoil reducing stock, which should be similar in height to the CTR. Also know that CTR stocks may be fitter with Magpul cheek risers which I've seen in .25" and .5" versions (seen available for purchase, not fitted on the stock) so in summation I would get the setup and worry about the riser if you feel its needed.
  15. Oh shotgun barrel length must be 18" plus. Check this link: http://thegunwiki.com/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaShotgunVerifyCompliance (quote from them on the summary of the law) "The United States has a lovely bit of import law, which prevents most of the more interesting rifle designs from being directly imported into the US. It prevents the direct importation of AK-series rifles, and has ended up creating a market for demilitarized parts kits. However, the "sporterized" Saiga rifles are allowed to be imported because, although based on an AK action, they do not have pistol grips or the
  16. Barrel length is going to depend on federal laws, you can go shorter, but only in some states and to do so requires you to get it approved to be a SBS I think $400 plus whatever it takes you to get it chopped correctly. Most ammo will work in it, but some Saiga12's don't like weakly loaded stuff so typically the hotter the better, only shells should be between 2 3/4' and 3". You need to stay compliant with federal law if you alter the gun; look in the legal section of this forum. Or seach Saiga compliance check list here or on google. Call around to dealers in your area to find what
  17. Can someone link me to or school me on how I can more easily get the BHO back in place after a conversion. Do you guys all modify it to be reinstalled? I've heard that some go right back in post conversion without modifications, others need to be re-profiled. Whats been your experience? Am I missing a simple fix or step? Any input pictures or links would be appreciated.
  18. i'm no lawyer but its my understanding that when a group of individuals has a problem like yours they can form a class suit against the other party; however totals must exceed 5,000,000 but there must be a way for a group of you to address this similarly despite not reaching the 5000000 mark. I think that in the US the consumer is protected against such business practices and that a call to a lawyer in the know will give you the information you need to bring this into the proper light. Since there are a number of people involved, this might be something that could be brought forth as a jo
  19. One of the changes made the the AKM over the years was to manufacture barrels at the current Izhmash diameter. I believe this was thought to not noticeably effect accuracy but would lighten the heavy rifles. This compared to earlier russian riffles. The Bolt and carrier also have been changed over the years. Heavier barreled and receiver rifles still are available, some countries continued making rifles to old specs after the russians had made design changes. The Chinese and Yugo rifles have thicker receivers and barrels which should yield slightly better accuracy, but also more weight. Before
  20. Its not that hard. Drift the pins out, tap the gas block off then check the ports for angle and match it the best you can with a hand drill try not to hit the barrel on the inside after you clear the ports. Tap the Block back on and re-pin after ensuring correct alignment. Look for the thread about removing the gasblock.
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