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    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of anyone who threatens it.
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    Want to buy factory Ruger 20 and 30 round magazines.
  1. No nut. Paypal GIFT, check, money order, Federal Reserve Notes (for now). Thanks fellas.
  2. jamesmadison

    Finally cycling bulk packs

    That's great. You just have to hang in there!
  3. That's awesome. It's also about 15 minutes from my house.
  4. jamesmadison

    wts folded steel katana

    Reminds me of Bruce Willis and Pulp Fiction.
  5. Yes, but even an intentionally false report of the members of Seal Team 6 that took out Pig Laden being killed by diaper heads would be providing propaganda to same.
  6. Yes. Monte Carlo sporting stock. Monte Carlo?
  7. Personally, I prefer not to get my news from the left wing wackos at MSNBC, but God rest the souls of our American brothers and sisters.
  8. I will never be able to use it again and I hate to just throw it in the trash. Someone might have a use for it. With screws. Paypal gift payment only. Or check, money order, cash. Priority mail will be $11, parcel will be $9. Thanks.
  9. jamesmadison

    Parts Give Away!!

  10. jamesmadison

    WTS Russian AK Sling

    Sold. Thanks all.
  11. jamesmadison

    WTS Russian AK Sling

    Hell I don't know. Just trying to use keywords for search results on that there interweb thing.
  12. jamesmadison

    Folding Mechanism manufacturers?

    ^What he said. I recently installed one on my S12. Only a fixed stock could be more solid. Actually, my AK 100 folder might even be more solid than a fixed!
  13. jamesmadison

    Attention Folks...Important news!

    +1! Thanks for the chuckle!