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  1. Today I took my MD-20 drum out for the first time just to function-check it. I had an assortment of Fed bulk, Winchester bulk, and some Winchester high brass slugs. I cleared through 50 federal low brass with no malfunctions, then I decided to switch to the slugs. I switched the stock gas plug from 2 to 1, then fired 15 slugs, no malfunctions. I loaded up my drum with Winchester low brass bulk and ran 50 more rounds before I realized that the gas setting was still on 1. No malfunctions of any kind. Round count after today is 500-ish and I haven't had the gun fail yet. I think since at home I keep heavy defense loads in the gun, I will just keep the gas setting on 1. I only ever change it to 2 when I'm at the range shooting bird shot, and if it doesn't malfunction like that, then it's good-to-go. No real point to this post, other than I'm happy as hell with my Saiga and wonder why I didn't get one earlier. Crappy cell pic:
  2. I suppose unlike many, I actually like the style of the stock saiga 12 handguard, but I'd like to have it in wood instead of synthetic. Ironwood Designs says they now offer the stock/handguard sets for saiga 12s, but there are no pictures there, nor have I found anyone who has one. I DON'T want to convert the saiga to accept AK handguards. I'd simply like it if my stock forend was made of wood. Does the ID forend appear similar to the stock synthetic forend? Is there anyone who offers such a thing for sale?
  3. I have heard some things about issues with Wally World bulk pack low-brass birdshot and Saiga 12s in general. Took mine out today for the first time and blew through 2 bulk packs. 200 rounds and nary a hiccup. Is Izhmash's QC getting better, or is the birdshot thing only an issue after conversion (I don't see how that could be), or am I just lucky? Will I start to encounter problems later, after the gun is more-or-less broken in? No pics, the gun is in the bone-stock boring sporter config.
  4. I got my saiga 12 today; it was wrapped in black paper but I didn't see any warnings on it! I just now read about this "arsenic" paper problem; granted I threw it away and washed my hands immediately, but I worry b/c I opened the rifle box on a bed and I have two small children. Is this still an issue with current shotguns? Like I said, I didn't see any such warnings on the box!
  5. Awesome, got me a drum on the way. MDArms you've earned a lifelong customer!
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