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  1. you can find them for $38/40 easy.
  2. i've read as much 5.45 5.56 testing as anybody and i don't understand how people come away thinking 5.45 is better in anyway but reliability.
  3. i got an emil from ammoforsale if anyones interested they have wpa for 209 i don't know what shipping is.just for the record im not convinced this is the shit but it's pretty good price for shooting ammo if its not stock worthy. my mistake its fmj
  4. if i was to cut a relief as you propose i would do so under the asumption that i know what's better than the izmash enginers.so i don't do anything.it's not as if they don't think about this kind of stuff they are allways doing little improvements.not to say this doesn't bother me but my fix is to buy another ak,just in case.
  5. hornadys zombie ammo looks like it might have the vmax bullet.as far as i know they don't make the regualr vmax anymore.this would probably work similar to 8m3.i'm gonna test it on some jugs when i get mine next week.i also got some wpa mil classic i'm gonna try but looking at it i don't expect it to work well.
  6. cheap short rifle shooting 7.62x39 thats not an sbr.everyone should have one.
  7. There are several factors to consider here. Checking powder types and powder weights would take a long time. Since saigas are basically modified ak74 mechanisms, the ak74 mil spec rounds would serve as an ideal mil spec model. Suppose someone observes how far a 5.45x39 saiga ejects 7n6 from the rifle. A 7.62x39 saiga should have nearly the same cycle speed and ejection distance. This sets a standard control. If 7n6 ejects 15 ft away on average, then any commercial 7.62x39 load should not eject any farther away. It would be good to note that even though many would consider muzzle exit ve
  8. good point.what commerc load is most like the military round? i wouldn't doubt the conversation for a gas regulator went like this "should we put a gas regulator?" "no we have to keep it simple i have no faith in a common soldiers ability to use one,over gas the bitch and who cares if americans grand kids have the rivets fall out."
  9. they are usually pretty close out of the box.
  10. what rifle is this?that is significant striking from what i've seen.i have a sgl 21 that does this and it made the recoil spring stick when taking it out.my saiga conversion with an a2 does it less.it drives me nuts.
  11. i am interested to see if the 100 series lives up the reputation made by akms and ak74s.anybody ever heard a high round count on a 7.62 saiga?
  12. i haven't seen much testing on any 7.62 rounds.mostly military rounds.which don't seem to be that great except for penetration.soft point bears,wolf 154,wolf military classic hp(the good ones)i have seen one or two tests and they all seem to work some what.you would think the big name gun personalities would bust out some extensive testing with the aks getting so popular these days. my friends vz58 doesn't seem to like 154 grain even though don't look much different profile wise than the bears we usually use.haven't tried them in my saigas yet but i imagine they feed fine otherwise there w
  13. if you haven't boned up on 922 compliance you should.that said many choose to ignore it. all the furniture options with out modifications imo suck. this place has some cool russian stuff. http://soviet-military.com/catalog/ak-stocks-stock-sets i dig the saiga handguard.i recently put some safety walk grip tape on it and it rules. if you were not down with the doing the saiga conversion i doubt you will be into the mods to put regular g.gs on there. i kept mine basic aand bought an sgl for that military style
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