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  1. Fumes

    MD Arms Double Stack Mag Patent

    An update from mike would be nice regardless of the outcome. Just to keep everyone in the loop instead of guessing.
  2. Fumes

    What ever became of the Quad Stack mags?

    Shit I'm waiting to buy an AK just for their arrival.
  3. Fumes

    Now a member of the SLR-107F club

    I just hate the entire state of Florida now.
  4. Fumes

    Bird shot for home defence video

    This is such a simple thing to prove for the anti bird shot crowd yet I never see any volunteers.
  5. Fumes

    Bird shot for home defence video

    My thoughts exactly and great vid.
  6. Fumes

    Now a member of the SLR-107F club

  7. Fumes

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    Check your mag release pin.
  8. Fumes


    That CH is huge! ;-)
  9. Fumes

    Project M10.... Russian folder retrofit

    Nice! Do you plan on dumping that Tapco foreskin? For something more favorable?
  10. Fumes

    Now a member of the SLR-107F club

    evl, you suck and most of all my state sucks. Red, nice rifle, I've been looking at those too.
  11. Fumes

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    Don't tip him off, first we must learn his true identity, get his address and deploy the ATF, And then,,,,,, Storm his compound.
  12. Fumes


  13. Fumes


    Little bulky for CC but its not bad, kind of a toss up between that and my P239 sig that holds half as much, is slimmer but still weighs about ten lbs more. It's nice to swap weight for round count.
  14. Fumes


    Great pistol