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  1. Built this rifle about a year ago from a stock Saiga IZ-240. Rifle conversion includes welded rear trigger holes, Tapco G2 trigger set, bullet guide, Bulgarian AK-74 rear sight leaf, Russian AK-74 gas tube and upper hand guard, Russian lower hand guard, Bulgarian FSB, Bulgarian muzzle brake, Bulgarian gas block. Entire rifle was refinished with semi gloss bake on finish to match current Russian paint. Bulgarian thumb hole stock was added and front bayonet lugs were milled down to make the rifle New York State compliant. Rifle will come with three preban Polish Tantal 30 mags, 320 rounds of Russian 70's era ammo, Russian sling, original manual, and cleaning kit. Aprox. 500 rounds fired down range without a single malfunction. As accurate as my AR out to 200 yds. Would like to sell everything shown as set for $600 shipped SPF to your FFL of choice. Postal MO or personal check are accepted payment options. Email me at brewha0779@yahoo.com for additional details. Not looking for any trades at this time. Thanks for looking.
  2. As title says, I am looking to sell my STI Spartan 9mm full size 1911. Finish is in good condition – starting to get a bit of wear on the muzzle end of the slide from the holstering. Used in four IDPA matches. Gun runs flawlessly with the factory and Tripp Research Cobra Mags. This gun runs great! I have not had one stove pipe, FTF, or any other hiccups. Only selling to finance a new AR build for 3 gun. Comes with the following: •VZ Grips – Recon Dirty Olive G10 •Smith & Alexander magwell w/ 20 LPI checkering •STI standard width stock wood grips included •Adjustable rear sight •Fiber optic front sight •3.5 lb trigger job (Nicest trigger I’ve felt on a production 1911.) •9 lb recoil spring and 17 lb mainspring •4 Tripp Cobra mag 10rd magazines •1 stock Mecgar 9rd magazine •Custom Kydex double magazine holder •Custom Kydex IDPA approved holster •Factory hard case and all paperwork Looking to get $675 shipped CONUS SPF to your FFL of choice. Postal MO or personal checks are preferred payment options. NO PP. Feel free to email me @ brewha0779@yahoo.com with any questions. First “I’ll take it” here wins. This add is cross posted so winning buyer will be chosen by timestamp of post.
  3. As title says, I have set of AP Customs 4x4 shell carriers for sale. I purchased these to outfit my 3 gun rig but ended up going with an alternate load technique. These are like new and only taken to the range once for a single practice round - never used in competition. Each comes with Tech-lok belt fastener. Looking to get $55 shipped per or $100 shipped CONUS for both. PP (gift or +3.5%) preferred payment method. Email or PM me with any questions. First "I'll take it" gets them. Thanks for looking. Also, this will be cross posted.
  4. I’m looking to sell my Stoeger M2000. This gun is a 12 gage and is fitted with a 28” vent rib barrel with orange fiber optic bead. It has 250 shells through it and fit and finish are in like new condition. It was purchased less than a year ago for hunting and sporting clays as a low cost alternative to wear and tear on my Benelli M1. It features a hard wood stock set, hard anodized aluminum receiver, and parkerized barrel with hard chrome lining. (I'm only selling to put a down payment on a new Remington Versa Max.) Stoeger is owned by Benelli and utilizes their patented Inertia Driven® operating system. The shotgun fires everything from 1-1/8 ounce field and target loads to the heaviest 3” waterfowl loads without adjustments. Also, the recoil operation reduces fowling that is common with gas operated guns. The gun comes complete with original box, choke tube wrench, and five choke tubes including cylinder, skeet, modified, full, and turkey extra full. Looking to get $350 shipped CONUS or $325 FTF SPF. I will accept Postal MO, personal check, or cash deal locally. If shipped, your FFL must accept transfers from non-ffl dealer. If purchasing face to face, I am willing to meet you within a 50 mile radius of 14905. Email me or PM me with “I’ll take it” or any additional questions. Not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking.
  5. Selling my last Saiga 12 magazine. Its a standard black AGP Gen2 10 round magazine. Used but not abused...always worked flawlessly. $25 shipped CONUS. SOLD to kbau5709 PP (gift) or Postal MO's are accepted payment methods. PM or email me with payment details. Thanks for looking.
  6. BTT...I can't edit the original post now but I'll let the whole package go for $130 shipped CONUS. If you don't want the Tacpoint, I'll sell just the mount for $100 shipped CONUS. PM me or email me for payment details. Thanks for looking! SOLD and shipped to tlag95
  7. As title says, I am selling my Molot GK-01 muzzle brake. I purchased this straight from Moscow a few months back and sold my last Saiga 12. So this is up for grabs. It is the most effective muzzle brake I've encountered for this type platform. (Do a search for videos and such if you haven't seen them in action. I posted a few shooting various loads. High power slugs and buckshot feel like the cheap bird shot bulk pack with this brake installed) Looking to get $175 shipped CONUS. SOLD to johnboatcat PP (gift option) or Postal MO's, or personal checks are accepted payment methods. Feel free to PM me with "I'll take it" or email me and we can work out the payment details from there. Thanks for looking!
  8. As title says, I have a new pair of MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X head set for sale. The set is packaged complete as new including batteries, manual, AUX cable, and headset. Included in this sale are new gel ear muffs. The gel earmuffs are an upgrade to the standard set – they improve the db rating as well as provide longer comfort durations over the stock ones. I purchased this headset last week from SRS Tactical and they just arrived. Love the quality but unfortunately, they don’t open far enough to fit over my large head so they are going up for sale. (I want to avoid sending them back for refund as I would incur a 20% restocking fee so they are being listed here for sale instead.) I paid $284 shipped and will let them go for $275 Shipped CONUS SOLD. PP (gift or 3.5%) or Postal MO are accepted payments. Please PM me with “I’ll take it” or email if fine as well. Price is firm and not looking for any trades at this time. Item is cross posted - will review time stamps for buyer protection. Thanks for looking!
  9. As title says, I am looking to sell my new RS AKM mount. Purchased this mount a few months back to use for three gun on my AK-74 but am going to stick with iron sights. Mount was installed on rifle rail but never taken to the range so its essentially new. The mount allows for a very low sight axis as well as centering it over the receiver. Very rugged and awesome mount for 30mm optic tubes. It currently has a Tacpoint red dot scope installed. The Tacpoint (now discontinued) is an Aimpoint clone. It has clear glass and operates the with similar mechanics as an Aimpoint. I am open to selling both separately, but would prefer to sell as package. Looking to get $185 shipped CONUS for the AKM mount + Tacpoint. Or, $125 shipped CONUS for just the mount. Paypal (gift option, or + 3.5%) or Postal MO are accepted payment methods. Feel free to contact me with "I'll take it" or any additional questions. Not looking for any trades at this time. Thanks for looking!
  10. It does include the two bolt on tri rails. Garnaz, If you still want it PM me for payment details. Thanks in advance!
  11. As the title says, I'm looking to sell my Chaos ext. quad rail and Burris Fastfire II. The quad rail is in excellent condition . And the Fastfire is like new - only two trips to the range. The Fastfire comes with standard picatinny mount plus custom fit rear sight mount that fits right into a Saiga 12 rear sight cutout. Looking to get $80 shipped spf to garnaz for the Chaos rail set and $200 shipped sold to jojo200517 for the Fastfire set. PayPal (+3.5%) or Postal MO are accepted payment methods. Shipping is CONUS only. PM me or email with "I'll take it" or any additional questions. Thanks for looking!
  12. lksyotas

    I’m looking to sell my 19” 2010 Saiga 12. I bought this shotgun new from Greg at Carolina Shooters Supply back in late 2010. Has aprox. 1000 rounds down range of mostly Federal bulk pack shells. The following mods have been done to this gun: Did a full restore on it including filling the original trigger holes, adding custom made trigger guard from demilled bulgy kit to match original 12K style riveted in place. Drilled three gas holes at proper angle to .093”. Opened up gas block to clear all three holes. Polished all engagement surfaces on the bolt lugs, rails, Tapco G2 trigger set, and carrier bottom. Installed JTE extended mag release. Installed JTE magazine well – AGP style (fitted Promag gen2 and AGP gen 2 magazines to it) Refinished entire gun in KG Gunkote 2400 Flat black. This gun will run 100% on bulk pack Federal and Winchester on setting 2. High octane loads run 100% on setting 1 without touching the rear trunnion face. This provides a gun that is reliable with all types of loads without being over gassed. The Promag magazines and AGP magazines lock in tightly into the magwell on a closed bolt when fully loaded and drop free empty when released. Gun will include buyers choice of Bulgarian thumbhole stock for us ban state guys or a Bulgarian AK-74 stock and US pistol grip. Also includes cleaning kit, oil bottle, steel barrel thread protector, 2x Promag 10 round magazine, 1x AGP 10 round magazine. Asking $1250 shipped CONUS SOLD to JJ the GUN MAN for package. Or $1200 local transfer in upstate NY 14905 region. Buyer can pay with Postal MO, cash, or personal checks only. Must ship to dealer that accepts from individual. Unless buyer wants to pay my dealers $25 transfer fee! Feel free to PM or email me at brewha0779@yahoo.com with “I’ll take it” or additional questions. Not looking for any trades at this time. Only selling to finance a new Dillon XL 650 kit.
  13. lksyotas

    SAIGA 3D

    Superb work! Great attention to detail! Did you measure each component or eyeball it? Either way, truly awesome work! Best I've come across. Way back when I was in college, I modeled an M4 carbine in a similar fashion. But this is way more detailed especially the internal details. What CAD package did you use for the design?