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  1. Which way do the pins come out? To the left or the right as you are looking down sights of the barrel????
  2. Ok, Email me your mailing address at Kellysk8s@aol.com and we will get this set up. I will be in touch this evening.
  3. Click on the picture and the picture will enlarge and you can clearly see the rear sight in both pictures.
  4. I have a saiga 308 with kushnapup stock and factory stock for sell in Houston Texas. The tangs have NOT been cut. Can be returned to factory set up or converted. Alsao have 3-25 round sure fiore mags and factory mag and accessories. Never fired, stiil have box. Kushnapup set up will require final assembly, all parts included. I want $900 for rifle with Kushnapup set up, or $700 with out Kushnapup stock. Also have about 150 rounds of milatray 7.62 included and 40 rds of monarch and 40rds of Winchester ammo included. Kelly 281-455-7465
  5. I just put a 25 round mag in my.308 Kushnapup without any problems.
  6. Is it ok to offer a gun for sell only locally? I want to sell my saiga 12 in Houston, if possible. I have a new never fired saiga 12, with 1 20 round drum and 2 -10 round mags and about 5 boxes of shells. I want $650.00 or best offer.
  7. You have to do a little cutting and filing to make it fit, but it will work
  8. Got my stock today, but it requires some cutting to fit on a .308, now to put everything back together and take the 12 apart.
  9. Got my shipping notice tonight a t8:59 pm and will send pictures as soon as it arrives. I will also figure out the way to make it work without cutting off the tangs, maybe a simple extenion, ie ablock of wood cut to the shape of the recoil pad?????? Anyway looking forward to using the new stock on my 12 and ,308 without cutting the tangs until I do the conversions on both . It cant be that hard to do, I "know " a few hundred people that have already done it. And for all the people that thought it would never happen ,,,,,, I am so glad you were wrung, because I was having my doubts for the las
  10. On the websight --Under Shipping Info Pre Orders ETA All orders as of 4:40 pm May 9th have been shipped. Tracking numbers will go out today and tomorrow for all pre orders. New orders placed will be receiving tracking numbers tomorrow. Waiting on my tracking number.
  11. I always see people looking for deals on ammo, thought I would pass this along. I am not a vender. THIS IS NATO HEAD STAMPED 1993 PRODUCTION BRITISH ROYAL ORDNANCE ( RADWAY GREEN ) .308 CALIBER AMMUNITION. 308 ammo 160 rds for 70 plus shipping and other deals http://www.classicarms.us/ammunition.htm
  12. Actually they are having a special right now, that was the price for my .308 and shotgun, and they treat the barrel/ reciever and the bolt and carrier. This was in the email I recieved. The trigger group has to be removed and all plastic.
  13. The price I was quoted was $ 109.00 and $ 20.00 for shipping for 2 guns including bolts and carriers. Still looking for more info, have read a few artiles from differnt gun mags that were posted on the websight. Thanks for the replies.
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