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  1. Bought a used SKS that came with an aftermarket scoped dust cover and I'm looking for an original to put back on it. This is a Chinese rifle, so a Chinese cover would be preferred but I reckon they'll all fit. Let me know what you've got and how much for you to part with it.
  2. For sale is my PA 2.5x prism scope that I purchased from PA about a month ago. Mounted to the rifle for about an hour before deciding I want something with some more magnification. Scope will come in the box with everything that came with it. Condition is like brand new, only difference is that I put blue Loctite on the mount base screws as they don't come with thread locker from the factory. Asking $170 shipped or best offer (PA sells them for $200). I prefer PayPal (invoice for +3%) but I will accept money orders.
  3. I bought a new PS4 on impulse back in August and haven't hardly touched it. Comes with one controller and Black Ops 3, all cables and whatever else came in the box as well as the original box. Looking to sell or trade, open to anything good. $250 shipped, pics on request but looks like every other PS4 ever made of course.
  4. Thanks Gaddis! I knew someone on here would come through for me, youre a great American! PM inbound.
  5. Looking for just one of these for new model 9mm Glock mag: Bought some new floorplates thinking they came with new inserts when they didn't and threw one away by carelessness. Just need the one, rather not pay 5 dollar shipping for a 3 dollar part from somewhere online for something someone can stick in an envelope for half a dollar.
  6. I can order the Hogue forend for about 23 bucks so for anything else I'm looking to come out cheaper.
  7. I need a black synthetic forend to match a hogue stock that I already have. Not particular about style though a matching black hogue forend would be nice. Looking for used at a good price.
  8. I stopped by Buds gun shop in Lexington yesterday figuring I would have a look at some 45 acp Glocks. I get there and folks are parking on the grass and curbs because the lot is full. I think oh hey, maybe the gunny or hickok45 is here doing a signing. I get inside and there's number dispenser with a sign stating to take a number to see a sales associate. No special deals or offers, just everyday businees. I pull out 79 and after 5 minutes they call 21. I stayed for about 45 minutes and they only got as far as 30 something. 95% of folks were buying handguns, and looking like half were first ti
  9. I have 280 rounds of East German 124 grain short range training ammo (http://7.62x54r.net/MosinID/MosinAmmo034.htm) in 20 round boxes and 72 rounds of Czechoslovakian hollow core training ammo (http://7.62x54r.net/MosinID/MosinAmmo013.htm) in 12 round boxes for sale. Looking to sell it altogether for $200 OBO plus UPS ground shipping (ammo can not included). I would do a local pick up if you're in the south east KY area. This is the East German stuff. As far as I'm aware there's no more of this out there except in private hands. You can only find it as it pops up online or at gun shows.
  10. IMO the best surplus pack available right now for general civvy use is still the phased out USMC ILBE. Designed by Arc'teryx and made by Propper, they're a solid piece of gear. They're really more like a modern backpacking pack just made with cordura instead of thin nylon. Marines phased them out because they just didn't jive with wearing body armor under the pack suspension. So unless that's a major concern, they're superb for all sorts of use. I use mine for winter camping when I need to carry a little extra weight. To me it's comfortable to about 45 pounds. After that it starts to l
  11. Organize as a small co-op of preppers. Be selective, don't go for any kind of open enrollment. Shoot for squad size, 8-12 folks. Select a specialty fot each based on skills and experience. Have them become subject matter experts in expedient medicine, survival, communication, etc. Require each member to teach a class to the rest once per year, have a different class every month. Get together and go camping, put your skills to the test for a couple of days at a time. DONT focus on military combat skills, just cover the basics. The other aspects will be much more important for long term. Aband
  12. I guess all those gays born to straight parents musta had some secret gay bloodline no one knew about!
  13. I agree, but nowadays very few folks actually display the flag actually have any reverence for the Civil War or Confederate ancestry. Here in KY, which was not part of the Confederacy, you see it everywhere... especially Walmart around the 1st. While post of these folks' family trees should be easy to keep track of as they are probably very straight lines, I seriously doubt any of them know their lineage past their grand pappies. I don't think the flag nearly has the racial connotations here as some people feel it does further south or elsewhere. There's just some kind of 'southern pri
  14. Russian rifles aren't banned. From what I understand, Russian government owned or supported companies are under sanctions and prevented from doing business with US based companies. This apparently includes the Kalashnikov Concern group. However, other companies such as Molot, which produces the Vepr line of rifles/shotguns, did not fall under sanctions. I'm not sure why, because as Molot also produces weapons for the Russian military I'm sure they receive their fair share of subsidies.
  15. I doubt these were every handled by locals. I believe these were primarily issued to third country nationals like under contract security, i.e. the Ugandans guarding the gates, PX's and chow halls of about every medium to large base in Iraq. So they could have seen time just about anywhere in the country, but very unlikely to have ever been fired in anger... maybe just pointed in anger when you didn't show your I.D. fast enough.
  16. I'm no authority on that personally, but according to this it is under the current sanctions. That's where I got the info from. Scroll down and read the export and legal status section at this link...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vepr-12 Also go to this page link at the Dept of the Treasury and type Molot into the advanced search box. http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/20140716.aspx Which will then take you to this page. http://search.treasury.gov/search?affiliate=treasury&commit=Search&query=Molot If you read that Dept. of
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Biolite-Camp-Stove-/271858145977?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f4c021ab9 Listed on eBay now.
  18. Last chance for any offers, going on flea bay tonight.
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