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  1. Looks great! Now the guys that have them. How long does it take to get the gas tube off for cleaning?
  2. I wonder if I should do the same to mlne? After installing, I took it to the range, using a tapco mag i had some jams using yugo surplus. After a few mags it was feeding great. my guide sits flush only sticking out in the magwell maybe 1/32''. Should I reset it to stick out more?
  3. Clean, complete, matching numbers parts kit wanted. Shoot me a Pm...thanks
  4. Would a 11 degree match target crown be affected or even needed if a flash suppressor/comp was used. Or just keep the military profile and thread the barrel? Also, should the end of the barrel be flush with the inside of the brake/suppressor? I have about 3/8 inch gap between the end of the bore before it bottoms out on the suppressor. Thanks
  5. Just don't do the Vortex SPARC. Mine pooped out at 200 rounds. POS.
  6. This was my first time shooting it. I think it was rusted when I bought it new. Its a TGI new old stock 09. Absolutely great fit and finish with all the good stuff (except threaded barrel ). The factory test shot must have been with corrosive ammo and they never cleaned the gas tube. It only sat for 3 hours after firing and I only ran windex on the boltface and through the bore. BTW- thanks for all the input.
  7. Actually pulled the gas tube off and that thing was pitted to hell. Sort of ate up my piston. I'm thinking it was there when I bought it. I thought I went through it, but probably overlooked the gas tube. I heard of a few guys having this same issue.
  8. Finally headed to the range for the maiden voyage. Shot about 250 rounds of Yugoslavia surplus headstamp 1983. Did the ammonia windex soak down the bore and boltface then packed it up. About four hours later I was stripping for cleaning and noticed an ungodly amount of rust in my gas tube? Can the gas tube oxidize that quickly? I'm pretty sure I checked the tube prior to cleaning as I wiped everything down with REM oil. Should I be concerned?
  9. That's a great build. I love the idea of the tech sights, but worry about changing the platform. Have there been any cycling issues?
  10. Anyone have any input if the German MEN ammo IS corrosive or causes fouling, or is this FUD? Ive heard of MOA opening up after shooting this ammo. Also, any issues with S308 and this stuff?
  11. Oh, sorry oh great one. I will not ask questions as I'm not worthy of a more detailed explanation. I got it from a forum business member, but he doesn't offer them for commercial sale. Its aluminum and it puts the stock up high, in line with the bore on both the S308 and S12. What adapter is that? Figures, I just dropped coin on an ACE.
  12. What adapter is that? Figures, I just dropped coin on an ACE.
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