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  1. Hey guys, what's the best way to attach a sling mount to your tactical Saiga? Have the shortened front rail on mine, any particular clamp to go over the barrel or one that can be attached to the handguard. Any ideas?
  2. Hey Guys, Bought myself one of Roberts Saiga conversion last fall, Tactical Model, and wanted to know if there was some option to keep the bolt open after the last shot is fired and to keep the bolt open to show clear when finished with a COF. Love the shotgun and just wanted to know if this was possible. Thanks....Paul
  3. New to the Saiga-12 and wanted to know how to clean the gas tube. Shot mine once over the weekend, about 75 rounds and watched a video on youtube about field striping the Saiga. Actually got it apart and back together again ( a minor victory ), but had a hard time getting the puck out. Had to use a rod to push it out and found it to be pretty dirty. Want to clean it this weekend and wanted to know what to use to clean the gas tube. Figured I'd use a 12 gage cotton swab and go from there. Any better ideas? Also do I need to worry about the gas ports getting clogged up and if so how to wo
  4. Mine is a combination of the first 2 letters of each of my daughters names, in order of birth. The 5 is there because when I signed up for my e-mail account that screen name was already taken, go figure. I added the 5 so I could keep the name.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to finding out a few things from the site


  6. Welcome to the forum. You'll find the follks on this board are quite helpful and friendly. Enjoy your new gun.

  7. Information on my new Saiga-12

  8. Just picked up my first Saiga this past week, know very little about the gun but am really excited about it and shooting it. Will use this forum for information and getting answers.

  9. Hi All, Just picked up my first Saiga-12 on Thursday, Got it from Robert at R and R Targets. I have a few questions for you sage veterans: Best ammo to run through it, both shot and slugs? Mostly want to use the shotgun for three gun and my local clubs monthly action shotgun matches. My Saiga did not come with instruction manuel, so if you guys could direct me to a good on-line source for the breakdown and more important reassembly of the weapon it would be greatly appreciated, one with pictures would be great, I'm a picture kind of person. Sooner or later I'm going to need to clea
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