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  1. I did remove the rails just don't have an updated pic. Luckily this has a scope riding it for the forseable future. I'll figure something out, might just weld in a tear HK sight and buy another dust cover just incase. Muzzle break is on there permanently. So if I was going to change it up I would need to remove HK sight and weld ak sightsl back on... Somehow. Denton Tactical is not too far from me so I might give him a call for some ideas.
  2. It's looking like the CSS rail is the only game in town for an aluminum handguard made for the Saiga .308. Do you know how much it weighs? Thanks! I had it and took it off. Its nice and made well but just overkill for what I needed. SGM has a 308 handguard with rails.
  3. Update: using standard sight leaf, I adjusted elevation to line up with HK front sight post. Need to take it to the range and see how it shoots like that. I suspect it'll shoot high.
  4. Ok, so I had work done to my already converted Saiga at Tac47 several years ago. They took forever to finish it but the end product was great. I spoke to them halfway through and they said installing a dustcover mounted HK diopter is iffy on a rifle. I thought, ok they convinced me to do this in the first place so... Whatever. What's done is done. A picture is located in this thread. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/94727-shedding-weight-off-of-the-308/&do=findComment&comment=998696 The AK So now I have an HK front sight with an ak rear apeture, and they don't line u
  5. 175 can get you a solid fixed mag from Nikon, Burris or Redfield. I just picked up a fixed 3x for my AR. Cost me $200 including rings.
  6. I don't even see a brand name or manufacturer name? What's your budget? I would stay away from this.
  7. I'm currently looking for wither the SGM handguard or the OEM. I can't find mine! I've moved a couple times since the original conversion so it's either in a box somewhere or in a landfill. I'll see how it feels to take some weight off the front before switching out the stock for the lightweight ace stock
  8. I've decided to order the ace skeleton stock and go either factory handguard or SGM poly handguard. That alone will take off almost 1 lbs. I walk around in the woods at my ranch with this and any weight off will help. Thanks for all the input fellas.
  9. Jess, I like the FSC-30. I did not try any other brakes and I will not be able to because it's on there permanently. A permanent weld was necessary because I had the barrel cut down by Tac 47 and it needed to be just over legal length unless I wanted to go the SBR route. I love the rifle, just hate the weight on it. Maybe I need to go to the gym more often.
  10. After thinking that I'm completely satisfied with my 308... I find a new annoyance, the weight of this beast. I love romping around my ranch in the woods with the rifle, shooting rabbits, pigs, deer (in season)... but my setup right now is so freaking heavy. I'm sure if I just carried it around long enough it would feel lighter, but my handguard is a tank, and I'm thinking of switching to poly. Originally I had a TAPCO Intrafuse, but those look cheap and are cheap. My saiga has the handgaurd in the stock configuration, as I saw no need to convert it to an AK style. What I have on it an
  11. I'll take $3k+ for mine but it has had extensive work done outside of a regular conversion... would also sell all my accessories including AImpoint and POSP with it. I don't see anyone putting up that kind of $$ unless people become crazy. $3,000 can buy a very nice rifle, not sure why people would spend that on an AK unless they just have. to. have. it.
  12. Just put an RS REgulate and AKML on my saiga 308 yesterday. Looks great. Folding stock locks with it as well and the stock doesn't bang up against the mount, which is something I was not expecting. 1/3 cowitness. Lowest mount I've seen to date. Finally finished with this gun after years of tinkering and swapping out parts, cutting down barrel and adding muzzlebreak, going from plastic to wood to metal from crappy side mounts to forward mounts to TWS Gen II... finally no more money spent except on magazines and ammo. Angle looking down when stock is folded. It doesn't look li
  13. It's just a top rail, not a replacement. I am going to try to get a small riser to get a 1/3 cowitness, but absolute cowitness is not possible with this rail.
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