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  1. I would venture to guess that it's already sold? If not I'll jump in line to buy this... What a deal!
  2. does this mount using the top and bottom mounting hole's for the OEM stock; and do you retain or cut off the tang?
  3. I have not had the opportunity to search, or read up much about the plugs.... Mike, can you tell me why the adjustable plug would be better than one of the automatic plugs offered by some competitors? I would presume that the automatic plugs, probably, do not cycle as well with low brass; but that's an uneducated guess.... All I know is that they vent the excess gases from high brass and magnum loads. But, to be honest, I thought that was what all plugs do, including the OEM; just less variability. Either way, MD Arms' super "sale price" of $25 is probably enough incentive for me... I don't
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