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  1. The news is buzzing with the latest CB match scheduled between GZ and rapper DMX March 1st. I'm too lazy to post links so you'll just have to google it. I think if GZ wins blacks will freak the F - Out! Who ever wins, it's going to be a spectacle.
  2. I'm on my last 30 pages now, it's a good book. Google liveleak operation redwing and you will see the video the taliban took during the fight, as well as after. They find two of the SEALs bodies, Danny Dietz and Michael Murphy, pick through and steal their stuff, then after in a cave somewhere playing with one of their rifles and lasers and shit. It's pretty disturbing and will piss you off. I won't post it here out of respect.
  3. I was in the Navy. Enlisted. Don't think you are better or know more than the enlisted men or treat them as if they are below you just because you're an Officer. Be fair, be a leader. Stay away from girls with adams apples and big knuckles
  4. I've heard similar from people who worked the job. Some people love it and some just hate it. I've jumped through so many damn hoops just to get the job, I'm going to do my best and at least try to make it through 2 years. Who knows I may just love it and retire with it. I'm in my early 30s, not a spring chicken anymore. It's my only chance to get into "law enforcement" around here as I don't have a degree. After a few years I might be able to jump into Trooper before I'm 36. That's my goal. I always knew I'd end up in prison! I just have to wait until Feb to start training. In t
  5. Thank you everybody! Here's a funny lil story about it. 2 weeks ago I get a letter from Corrections, a bad one . It said thanks but no thanks. I call the HR person and she informed me I didn't get the job because I had too many DUIs to close together. I told her I only had 1 from 07 and they knew about it so what's the deal... Back in 08 me and my neighbor rode our motorcycles to the bar and parked in the handicap spot and we both got tickets, we both went to court and paid. Turns out the court fucked everything up and lumped us both together as 1 person! All my crap is on his re
  6. Well after a 9 week background investigation, I got the call today and they offered me the gig!!!! I'm so damn happy right now I'm going out to celebrate! All I have to do is wait until Feb for the next Academy
  7. The hell you complaining about? We have DOZENs of cameras watching our every move, and also told that they get reviewed everyday . They also have sound. You can't go anywhere without a camera watching you unless you're taking a shit. It's not just big brother watching you, it's little bro too.
  8. I was caught doing 117 in a 70 in WI in 05 I was riding back from OH on my suped up hayabusa. I've ridden about 600 miles that day with a 20 pound pack on and was tired. I had my headphones in listening to music under my helmet laying on my tank just flying down the freeway. Soon people started flashing brights at me and waving. I thought man I must look really focking cool or something. I sit up and a state cop was right on my ass lights flashing. I pulled over, took the keys out and dropped them next to me on the ground. He practically runs up, says "what the fu@k boy!" "I've been f
  9. Was it the MMPI test? That was as 981 questions of bullshit! Lol yep that's the one
  10. It's been 7 years and 1 month since the MJ thing and 6 years 2 months since the careless driving, I know lots of PDs who will take someone who hasn't had any drug or drink related problems within reason within the last 5 years. Doesn't mean they will get hired because they have 20 other people who have just as good work experience but with no background problems. At the beginning they told us that they accepted 200 apps, and all those people will take the math, reading and REACT video tests( basically a what would you do sort of thing plus some counting tests ) that knocked more than half of t
  11. -Summer 05 speeding ticket on motorcycle. -Summer 06 misdemeanor possession. They found half a joint in my work veh coming into the US from Canada. I just said it was mine so I wouldn't have to wait over the weekend for judge. Paid fine and was gone within the hour. My company drug tested me, I passed and continued to work for them for almost 5 more years. - Summer 07 arrested for DUI my bac was .08, right on the legal limit. I went to court, represented myself. Judge had mercy on me and knocked it down to a Careless Driving. -Summer 08, parking ticket. I parked my motorcycle in
  12. Thanks guys for all the replys! Brief that sounds like experience talking right man, but sounds like you like it.
  13. Anybody work past or present as a CO for the state or county? I've been testing and interviewing for state corrections the last 2 months and was just informed I have the job as long as I can get through the background investigation which should take 2 weeks-2 months to complete. I'm a little nervous about it as I have a few "blemishes" from 06 and 07. That's not counting my traffic tickets. I put down everything I could think of and let them know today that I will be as truthful as possible as I would really like the job. We have 10 facilities in our state and were told to pick our top 3
  14. Ya know I just moved back to MN from Carlsbad NM. I spent 11 months living in that shit hole surrounded by dirty dumb assholes. It rained a couple of times and when it did the streets were flooded cause they have no sewer systems whatsoever. The hills have eyes but no brains
  15. I'm moving to MN in 4 weeks from New Mexico. I lived in St.paul/Eagan for 5 years in the past, going back can't wait. FUCK New Mexico
  16. So let me get this straight.... A 50 yard wide rock from space that was spotted 4 or 5 months ago was supposed to do a close fly by today... And roughly the same size rock (that partially burt up entering )around 20 to 30 feet at time of explosion just happed to fly in today? And they say its unrealted? BULLSHIT. Its the same fucking one, they just miscalculated the hit/miss probability and are trying to play it off. The odds of that got to be in the trillions.
  17. Hes starting to gain sympathy, at least on the net. Everyone who knew him said he was a kind nice guy. Served his country proudly and was a good cop who tried to do the right thing. Then he got fucked and got mad. Too bad about the one guys daughter and boyfriend but the cops got a dose of their own medicine. They interviewed the guy whos truck he stole and he said that Dornor was calm courteous and "professional" and he didnt feel Dornor would hurt him. They burned him down circ Waco 1993 and were "kinda" sure he was alone. They didnt want him talking I guess. I was 50/50 he would have come o
  18. This is fucked up. RIP Chris. Why did he kill them? Obviously this POS planned this. Whats even more fucked up is he was brought to the range by Chris and the other guy, then he shot them both in the back.
  19. I was in the NAVY, then I lived and worked in Europe for 5 years doing various security related things for a very rich man, then back in the US I was into corporate security for the same persons companys, then he had to go and die so I worked for a Toyota dealership for 8 months now I make pretty good money overcharging oil companys service on their fleet trucks. Next year Im going to start EMT training.
  20. My SHTF stock is pretty good as of now, and I will not dip into it unless I must. I only have about 300 rounds of 556, 200 rounds 9mm and 150 rounds buck and slug mix for practice. Im going to have to find some and pay the prices or wait till they come down. Im glad I have a good natural shooting ability to fall back on in these harsh times.
  21. They're actually a pretty cool little company that has made shtf weapons for many years. They have some really low end pistols and some really high end tech in their rifle. Check one out sometime. You may change your mind. Thanks but Ive done my own research on them. Ill never buy anything keltech thankyou very much
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