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  1. you could always put a suplus trigger group in there ......just to see if it works...then take it back out
  2. I finally finished mine after about a year, basically looks the same as Mr scratchy.... going to test fire it tomorrow..... I think I had a bad batch of shellac because the stock is very sticky after 3 days drying time
  3. I had the Burris Fast Fire 2 , sold it, now regret it, but FWIW , the new BFF 3rd gen is supposed to even be better
  4. when you say 1/8 inch welding rod, your talking about 6011 or 6013 or some like that then correct, just use the bottom ( 1/2 inch or so ) part of the rod that goes in the stinger ??
  5. I was screwing around while doing the " D " hole enlargement on my Saiga 12 and somehow lost the long top pin for the gas block, I know CSS sell a replacement roll pin set, but I really wanted to try and hit the range today and see if the mod helped, anyone know what size the long pin is..............or if I would have to sacrifice a drill bit what number ??
  6. you actually care about the others in your apartment complex .....lol
  7. . has anyone ever tried to install one of these and just fill in on each side of the holes with MIG weld, to make it more solid ?? just wondering if it would make it any beefier ?? I was thinking you could fill it in and then grind it smoothe and refinish ??
  8. I sent you an e-mail from a post I found over at AKfiles, are you making the PMK stocks for the saiga ??

  9. I finally got mt S12 to run reliably on El cheapo low brass Value pack stuff from Walmart, the federal runs , just about everything else still doesn't. let me tell you about the gun and then you tell me about which box of shells with the different DRAM should run better Saiga 12 19 inch, 3 ports, MDArms adjustable plug, polished bolt etc every once in a while I would get a FTE and it would seem the shell just didn't have enough ummph to cycle. I noticed the DRAM on 2 different boxes at Walmart, the RED box ( multipurpose load ) had a DRAM Eq of 3 and the BLUE box ( target load ) ha
  10. let us know if that thing holds up, I've been wanting a Burris Fast Fire on top of mine, but I'm afraid it will shake the crap out of a cheap sight ?????
  11. Will I noticed the can on Anti-Monkey Butt powder on the shelf in your office a few episodes ago......lol....., I know what its like being a big guy and running around in that humidity brother . http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41SZRvFaSNL._AA300_.jpg
  12. not to stir the pot but looks like if you can't beat them join them http://www.whenshtf.com/showthread.php?t=45738 Bill is Revolverteer on that site,... , kinda funny after he was banned under his name Bill Akins
  13. Rental Properties 1........I have used it on every gun forum since the late 90's
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