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  1. I see the SKS mentioned alot when it comes to accuracy. But when you hop on the SKS boards most people get 3-4 inch groups at @ 100. 2" may be possible, but it is certainly not the norm.
  2. Hmm that's unfortunate. I have a MI rail on mines as well and haven't had a chance to test it out. Anybody else see similar results with their accuracy after installing the rail?
  3. It's a fun little gun (well until the extractor blew out on mines). Unfortunately they stopped handing out free magazines with their warranty service
  4. Modern for me. 1. Not a big fan of wood. 2. I like all my guns to be battle-ready. I want to be able to pick up the gun and know full well that it'll have the tools equipped to give me that extra advantage. Whether that be a red dot for quick target acquisition, a light for positive target identification, or a handstop to ensure that my grip is in the same spot every single time. Yes my AK looks mall-ninja'd out, but I didn't equip it for looks. Everything on my gun has a valid function, and much like a CCW, it's better to have it and not use it, then not have it when you really need it.
  5. This. Isn't that the main reason to get an AK in the first place
  6. Which is exactly the reason I took it off my AR Pistol. Damn thing weighed about as much as the entire barrel.
  7. Definitely dig the more modern look of the Ace front sight.
  8. Interesting. I think I would have gotten that if I knew of it's existence.
  9. Update on my disaster. Acetone helped remove some of the gunk but it was still pretty caked on. My roomate had a thread cleaning tool and after a few wacks with that, it cleaned up pretty well. I then took a crush washer that I bought from a local auto store and saw that even though it was supposed to be 14mm, it did not fit freely over the threads like crush washers I'm used to (AR15's) . So I threaded it on and that helped clear out a lot of the gunk. I was finally able to thread the muzzle device on, and while it was a tight fit, it went on without a hitch. Now I just need to take care
  10. It's not your monitor, the pictures suck. I snapped real quick before heading off to work. I will get some better pics tonight. I haven't tried any solvents on the threads yet, but plan to. The residue was rock hard which worried me, but I think if i let it soak for a little bit it'll be easier to work with.
  11. My main concern is that I may have chopped into the barrel with the pipecutter. How far in can I get away with where it may be a problem? I know with AR15 barrels, you can reprofile them down about a 1/10th of an inch, but I know nothing about aks. I apologize for the bad pics, I will try to get better ones.
  12. I am all thumbs when it comes to gunsmithing, but since everyone was saying how easy it is to install the bullet guide and thread the factory barrel on my x39, I'd figure I'd give it a shot. Plus the only shop that works on saigas around here have an 8 week waiting period (not to mention they wanted a few hundred just to convert the front end to accept AK furniture Anyways I started with the bullet guide. Punched a hole for the drill bit, but it must've wandered out because by the time I had broke through the trunnion, I noticed that it was way off (to the right, towards the barrel). I sa
  13. It doesn't slip on loosely. I still have to force it in. I'm not worried snout the tightness because the tapco stock was wobbly as fuck and it's solid once you put the screws to it
  14. I dont have the screws from the stock saiga stock since I bought the gun second hand and it came with tapco collapsible stock. There definately needed to be some dremeling because of the hump near the tang on my receiver butts up against the squared up butt stock
  15. I probably should have done my homework, but I just received a KVAR stock and had to do a considerable amount of dremeling and shaving to fit into my converted Saiga receiver. That part is done, but now I just realized that there are no screws that came with the darn thing. I have an event coming up within the week, so I can't risk ordering some screws over the internet. Can I get the correct screws locally? What type and size are they?
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