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  1. I got my slidefire stock yesterday. It doesnt look like its gonna work with my CSS trigger guard. I am considering the RAM trigger guard. Anyone have a recommendation as to what would be a good trigger guard to use. I think I could modify the CSS guard, but would rather have a stock part that fits. Thanks..
  2. Good news. I ordered the stock Friday, hoping to get it soon. Thanks for the input, I'll look for the template..
  3. I have a question for everyone. I have a converted Saiga 12. I have the standard Tapco trigger group, I installed a CSS trigger guard, and a pistol grip. I have ordered a SSAK Slide Fire stock that I am going to install on it. Has anyone done this with a PRIOR converted Saiga yet? I sure its been done. Here is my concern. To install the Slidefire, you need to have a standard AK grip nut. This means I'm gonna have to do some cutting on my Saiga reciever. Thoughts, ideas, concerns?? Please post em... Thanks. Also.. If there is a already a thread on this, I apologize for not findin
  4. Carolina Shooters Supply sold me mine. It was $479 shipped + what ever your FFL will charge to transfer it. It only took 2 days to get here (Michigan), very fast shipping! The Mossberg may cost less, but, I GUARANTEE you'll have a helluva lot more fun with the S12.
  5. I got my Tri-Rail yesterday. I haven't installed it yet, but it seems to be a very high quality part. I'll order from Chaos again.
  6. Thanks again for the updated information. I'm getting my Chaos Tri-rail in a day or two, and am getting anxious to do my first conversion. I will be optimistic, try some federal low brass and some high brass stuff, do a little polishing, and can't wait to have that 100% reliable weapon that I know it will be. I will check the links/threads that people have posted. With any luck at all, someday maybe I will be helping someone with their questions! Thanks again everyone..
  7. I missed the $75 deal too... I'll wait for them to go on sale again, I like my AGP 10rd mags, but a 20rd drum would be amazing..
  8. Thanks to all for the information and responses! I wil try some of the Federal ammo, and I will also buy some 00 buck. I read somewhere that some people soak the receiver/bolt/gas puck in kerosene to initially clean it.. Any thoughts on this? If not, I have some of that "Gun Scrubber"stuff that is in the pressurized can that I will be using, as it seems to really clean the hell out of things. I think my bruised shoulder will have recovered enough by next week for another "range report"
  9. I shot my brand new Saiga 12 (19"bbl) today, put about 115 Winchester low brass rounds through it 1 1/8oz. #7 shot. I had a lot (80%) of FTE and FTF. I was using different mags, no difference. I have read all the posts about low brass, and "break in" with heavier loads. I did have a couple magazines go through nearly perfect. The shotgun is stock except for an MD V-plug. (I was using the highest setting) I also switched back to the stock plug on the high setting, didn't really see any difference. I can see 3 gas ports in my gas block that are un-obstructed. Before shooting the shotgu
  10. mike.haug

    AGP Mags

    I don't have a lot of experience with Saigas, but do with guns in general. I have only shot AGP mags through a Tromix S12, it was flawless. 9 rounds, 3 seconds. Would've been all 10, but I lost count.. I have 2 AGP 10rd mags I built myself. I've loaded them, and they unload smooth and quick by hand. Good fit in my S12. I look forward to breaking in my brand new S12 with the AGPs.. As you all know, good mags are ESSENTIAL to have your firearm work properly, I think AGP does the job.
  11. I shot a Tromix Saiga 12 and was instantly addicted!I bought a BNIB Saiga 12 19" bbl and will be converting it. I love my Romanian AK, and am looking forward to the same reliable performance in the Saiga. I'm always reading the Forum for info & tips. Thanks to all of you who take the time to share!

  12. I ordered my S12 through Greg, and a handful of accessories. Totally happy. Judging by my 2 phone calls with him, and watching his you tube instructional videos, seeing his prices, etc.. I'll be doing business with him again soon. A+
  13. Day 1 with My new Saiga 12. It is facotry stock, hasn't been fired (yet). I got it today from Greg at Carolinashooterssupply.com. Greg is great to deal with and patiently answered my questions. I shot a Tromix Saiga 12 a few weeks ago, ans had to have one of my own. Mine is no Tromix, but I will be working on it!! The other pic is my 2 AGP "Build it yourself" 10rd. mags. For $5 more, they would've sent them to me assembled, but whats the fun in that??
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