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  1. The rifle will be mainly for target use and self-defense. But I would hope not to have to ever use it on someone however the way things are going... never know. I guess I am looking for more long range capability I would like to hear more about .308 and its advantages and disadvantages and it compared to the 5.45 and others. I like what I have read about the 5.45. But I heard most of the ammo available is corrosive. Is that a big deal for AKs? Jim made a nice point about the .223 mags. Things like that turn me off and I have heard terrible things about US made magazines. Ba
  2. Hello all, First, I'm not much of a firearms person. I am pretty much just starting out. But I do have a 1960 Auto-5 12g Mag. Only gun I have and looking for a good AK rifle. Why an AK? I think we all know why. They are nearly perfect machines. Simple and reliable, just works. I have looked around the net and I have found a lot of information about AK-47s and 74s. I am pretty sure I am going to settle on a Saiga AK variant rifle and do a conversion. I was also thinking about the arsenal AKs which I have heard good things about, but they are a bit more pricey. My main issue is wh
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