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  1. Thanks for the input, guys. I had two written appraisals done to give me some idea of the value of this gun. One agrees with your opinion that the bright-metal and redone stock are both 'aftermarket' modifications to the original Shotgun putting it's value in the $500.00 range, which is what I paid for it. The second appraisal says that despite the modifications the gun does retain it's "beauty" and some of it's collector value. It gave me an auction average of $2500-$3000 if placed in a major gun auction. I think I will sit on this one for awhile and see how the possible market goes before selling it.
  2. Mayor Al

    shot gun scopes

    I use a 1.5x6 x32mm on my Saiga when I use it for pig hunting. Shows Red/Green/Black crosshairs, great for semi-dark work. The slide on Russian mount works fine for easy on and off while holding 'close' to zero for accuracy. Here it is.I copied one 'AD' photo. If that's not legal tell me and I'll delete it.
  3. After searching the 'Net for historical data that will help me determine if the shotgun I recently purchased at an estate-sale/ Auction is genuine or not. AND if it is 'real' then what value might it have, I finally filled in the forms and description with 10 photos and sent them off to the service at GunBroker.com. I have not received the results of their appraisal at this point. I will add their notes to this topic when I get them. Here is what I have- A "W C SCOTT & SONS" 10 Gauge, sidelock SxS Shotgun. All the metalwork is bright (either Chrome or Nickle finish). It has 30 inch barrels and is 47 inches in total length.The metalwork around the exposed Hammers and on the stock and forearm have elaborate engraving. The Serial Number is 21296 and is located in 3 locations on the gun. According to company history this number was produced in 1876. The only really unusual feature is the stock finish. It has a wood stock that has been painted/coated with a dark green metalflake surface that seems to have been applied at a later time. However, the checking in that surface shows clearly that it was done after the surface was in place. The barrels a clean. We have no information as to if the gun has...or has not been fired. I think it has the Damascus twists but cannot be sure, as I have never dealt with that before. It is a beautiful gun. If I could guess about "What" it is, I would say one of two things. If it's real, It may have been a custom order for the USA's Centennial Ccelebration that went on in that year (1876). If it is a modern reproduction (SCAM) It sure would make a great Movie Prop. Have any of you guys used the Net for a formal Appraisal in the past??
  4. I seem to recall a shortened version of the M1 Garand, called the Tanker's M1. It had a shortened barrel and gas-fixture, was chambered for .308, but used the 8 shot clip feed--not a box Mag. A bunch of these appeared on the surplus market about the time the M-14 was in it's early "issue to the troops" period (early 1960's). One of you gunner's who don't suffer from C R S syndrome step in here please and either correct my mistaken identity or tell me I did actually see those guns in my distant past.
  5. After several years of temporary jobs, lay-offs and other career disappointments My 35 year old son, BS in Business, Married and three kids, one of whom has leukemia (no insurance) decided that perhaps the military could be an alternative now that he had rejected earlier in life. He did his homework, both mentally and physically, getting in the best shape he has been in since High School, and working with the recruiters to get "the best deal" he could. Here's what he came up with--- Enlist in the Army as a Specialist (E-4) due to his college degree. Go to OCS directly from Basic trainng. Commissiond a 2LT (O-1) upon graduating from OCS Assigned to MI for his primary Branch, with a detail to Armor for the first term of service. Side trip to Airborne Training after OCS. (extra pay for Jump Status and good for the career file) Wife is/was a Marine Brat, so she knows what military life is like for the family. With him an officer, her status is built in, and she understands the meaning of that. Army guarentees that the permanent assignment for the famiy will be at a Post that has adequate medical facilities nearby for treatment of my grandson. Dad may be deployed, but family will be at a locations where the kid can get the care he requires. Frankly, except for him having to do Basic at age 35 with teenage corporals yelling at him, this is a damn good deal. Recently he talked to me (a retired teacher), and commented on how nice it is to have job-security for the first time. Knowing what to expect as far as fiscal matters and the steps for career promotion etc...a far cry from the bouncing around and empty promises the had thrown at hime in a series of bad job situations in the past. Nope, this is a Win-win arrangement for both him and the Army. Needless to say I am very proud of his taking life by the horns and doing what is best for his family.
  6. Thanks to Moderator MAKC for repairing my Faux Paux
  7. Last night Jon Stewart interviewed the recent MOH recipient, Army SFC Leroy Petry. The interview was done in two segments, First one was on the Daily Show on Cable. The Second segment was a continuation of the first, but after the tv program was over. The amazing story of this hero is worth a few minutes of your time. I hope the link will post. There is a commercial at the beginning of each segment, ignore them. My link
  8. Mayor Al

    hog hunt part 2

    Thats a real nice load of small hogs you got! Congratulations !! We recently did our first ever Hog Hunt at one of the package-deal places in Texas. Two old grandpa's and our 14 year old grandson. We got 5 hogs. 3 in the 100-125 lb range and two smaller ones at about 70 lbs each. When the three 'normal-sized' pigs were skinned and cleaned we had about 200 lbs of pig in the coolers. The two smaller ones were kept whole and will be roasted for visual effect for our 4th of July celebration. They will not be the only meat served as some of the family have already stated they don't want to try that nasty old pig..... THEIR LOSS!!! The larger ones have been cut into normal pork cuts, chops, shoulder roasts, Center-cut Ham slices, and one saddle of ham. That is the whole tail end of the pig the two rear legs (hams joined by the hips and some of the loin. We will roast that too after it gets a tour of duty in my smoker. I say all this about what the yield was to point out a few things. 1. These pigs are really lean. Very little Fat. The sausage we had made had to have fat added to make it taste right. We got about 40 lbs of Jalopena/chesse sausage out of these oinkers. 2 My wife and I have enjoyed 4 meals out of the 'normal cuts'so far , one of butter-flied pork chops, two of HAM slices, That's fresh HAM not smoked or brined. The ham slices tasted a lot like pork steaks, but without the gristle or large shoulder bone pieces from that cut. The thing is, this pork is very similar to grocery store pork. It is tender, It has good flavor, and if anything, it is a bit lean when compared to the store meat. 3. The sausage is outstanding. My Jalopena/Cheese is just right for us. The kid had some of his ground into fresh ground pork, NO Seasoning. He has made some Burgers out of that and claims they are very good. I have not tried it yet. I don't know if the tales about big hogs being gamey are true...At the camp we hunted from, the kitchen prepared some slow-cooker pulled pork from a 280 lb Boar one of the hunters shot, but didn't want the meat. The Loin and some of the Shoulder meat was in the slow cooker for about 16 hours, but it turned out to be quite tender and with the sauce and stuff added, it was as good as any BBQ stand I have visited...and friends, I have been to a LOT of BBQ places. So I hope next time to get a larger hog for more yield....but thats another story ! Hope my little hunt story helps with the "Can we eat it decision" !!! al
  9. I 'fought' a ticket one time in SoCal,... and won! The CHP officer was a newbie, assigned to traffic duty in the rural desert area of L A and San Bernardino Counties. It was a Sunday morning, we were taking the back roads to the Edwards AFB airshow. She pulled me over for a failure to 'full-stop' before turning right onto the road behind her. This means she observed the 'Crime' in her mirror. I tried to reason with her at the time, then decided to go ahead and take it to Traffic Court. I showed up and she didn't, so the ticket was dismissed. I saved the $150 fine and the points that would have caused me a steep rise in insurance costs, but did have to pay the gas for a 130 R/T to the court in Palmdale. You can win if the circumstances are 'right'. In my case I knew where I was, and she didn't. She had no idea of where we were. I got the feeling she didn't know where the court was, as she set the location for the wrong county. I also could figure that if we set the appearance near or during the December holidays, the odds were in my favor about her being a no-show. Otherwise under different circumstances I would have shut-up, paid and bitched about it after !!
  10. For the coming pig hunt I have a bunch of Remington Sluggers and Federal Super-Slugs. I used about 20 of each to zero the scope and practice for piggies. I am able to keep it in a 6 inch circle at 60 yards and that's going to have to be good enough. I can stay in a 3 inch with the 308 Winchester Mod 100. Still undecided which to use first on this expedition.
  11. Indiana passed a no warrent needed for entry law that is being challenged in the courts as a violation of the citizen's civil rights. Hopefully the law will be oveturned shortly, but already there have been several incidents of unlawful entry by Police in the Hoosier State. This not a cop-bashing post, it is a reminder that without legal limits well-defined, there will always be those on both-sides of the law who go to extremes in testing what they can or can't do.
  12. Mayor Al

    How often do you clean your gas system?

    Kinda like "Caged" After a session (30-50 rounds) usually in the field on the truck tail-gate, as opposed to a range-table outing, I do the bore-snake a couple of times, then pop the gas-plug and use a dental pick to poke the holes clear. Several times that has shown one or two to be clogged with crap, It doesn't take long and I have had an experience where nothing fed...because even at wide open two of the three holes were apparently full....so I poke 'em after shooting.
  13. Mayor Al


    I don't qualify as a "Kentuckian". But I am a "Kentuckianan" I live a couple of miles above the Horseshoe Casino Riverboat on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. During the winter months I can see the lights of Louisville thru the bare trees east of us. I shoot 'casually', meaning I live in a rural area where I can shoot in nearby fields (w/owners permission) using waterjugs and targets mounted on wooden pallets. If you guys across the River ever have a get-together, put me on the list to invite. I'll try and make it and drag my Vodka Special with me.
  14. Mayor Al

    first hog hunt

    Here's a link to a BLOG where a guy from Utah hunted the ranch we are headed for in June. He was there less than a month ago so the report is pretty current. Scroll dow the page to get the details of his trip. http://blog.ryanwknives.com/ As I had not been to this ranch before, I took some time last winter to check the references of the place. I got a number of good reports from folks who used the facility Last fall and winter. We are working on a possible Barter set-up like Ryan did to increase our Hog Quota...and maybe get a discounted return trip out of the swap. I will add my report when I return. We will leave 2 June, spend the weekend showing the Grandson around the area and eating a lot of Great BBQ, then enter the Camp on Monday June 6th. I am working on a deal with Greens Sausage House near Temple Texas to convert some of our pig-pieces into about 50 lbs of their famous Jalopena Cheese Sausage links after the hunt. The main part of our meat will come home to Indiana under ice and get fixed up for a major Hog Roast at our family Picnic on July 4th. We have about 75 in attendance that day, so the pig(s) will be put to good use.
  15. Mayor Al

    first hog hunt

    Two Weeks from today we will leave for our first Hog Hunt in Texas (near Gonzales). I have posted elsewhere on the site with all the details of our trip planning, but I will repeat that I will have two guns...my Saiga S-12 with slugs, and my Winchester Model 100 .308, with 180 gr psp ammo. I hope to compare stopping power between the two. The other two guys going with me have Marlin Lever-Actions one in 44 magnum and one in 30-30. I am more of a blind-bait hunter as walking in the woods is not something this old guy does well, Photos to follow with the Hunting Report.