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  1. The warrior angel is the symbol for Jim Fuller's Rifle Dynamics custom shop here in Las Vegas. When this custom AK was completed six years ago, the original owner (a coworker of mine) did not have the warrior angel etched on it. When the gun was completed, I told my friend give me the opportunity to buy it from him if he ever wanted to sell it. Three weeks ago I got the call and bought it the next day. That same day I dropped off the AK to have the warrior angel added. Here are some quick cell phone pix of this beauty.
  2. megawatt

    nutnfancy saiga .308 review

    How can you ignore the folding stock benefit of a S308? I started out from the get go and had Rifle Dynamics add the folding stock and flash hider/muzzle break. Any review of a S308 wiith out a folding stock is not a good review to begin with.
  3. megawatt

    Sling adapter plate - saiga compatible

    I pick up items from E93 when they have a blem sale. Their quality control is at such a high standard it makes the blems a super deal and you have to look hard to find what they consider a blemish. I picked up some V2's for $10 each and once mounted you could not tell the difference from a full price model. Just have to check the website for the next blem sale.
  4. megawatt

    Venting Synthetic handguards

    I have greater spacing between my slots so it still has strong supports between the cuts. Works great for cooling.
  5. megawatt

    my 308 build, low-tech, highly functional

    Very nice
  6. megawatt

    Looking for some opinions on stamped steel mags

    Zero play or wobble for my magazines once locked in. When the magazine locks in there is no "click" the way my surefire magazines sound, the mag catch simply slides on and holds tight. I do have to slightly file the mag catch edge down and/or smooth the magazine rear lug as the mag catch "bites" hard against the magazine making the removal of the magazine a little more difficult than it should be. The magazines do drop free, install tight and no wobble, so far so good for me.
  7. megawatt

    Looking for some opinions on stamped steel mags

    Order placed, a couple mags making the trip to the sin city.
  8. megawatt

    Saiga .308 pinned on muzzle brake

    A benefit of pulling the barrel for threading it is to also recrown the end for more accuracy. And you will also have the added benefit of being able to change out the flash hider or muzzle break at a later time when you want to by just unscrewing it (provided it was not soldered or welded on of course).
  9. megawatt

    Looking for some opinions on stamped steel mags

    I will be looking for these when they are ready, no rush because I can wait for a quality product. I am tired of being extra careful in the handling and training with the 100% plastic shurefire ones. Will there be any forum discount for early purchases? I know many people that don't know about these non plastic magazines that I can inform to help out your business.
  10. megawatt

    S308 Battlecomp awesomeness

    Yup, battlecomps are big time performers with a price tag. I was told the material they are made of and the high detail in the number of ports that a cutting bit only last long enough to make three of them before they have to replace the bit. But at a cost of about $170 - $200 for a S308 is a bit much for me to shell out.
  11. megawatt

    A couple upgrades to my S308

    I forgot to mention the rear sight is a "Fullerized" rear sight. He opens up the knotch for easier / faster sight picture and rounds off the corners to help prevent it from hanging up on equipment and eliminate sharp edges.
  12. megawatt

    A couple upgrades to my S308

    Out with the 300m sight in with a more realistic 1000m sight. The range I shoot at has 200, 300, 400 & 500 iron targets set up so now I can aim at them instead of guessing as I was with the 300m sight. Out with the old safety, in with a Krebs safety. The bolt hold open feature is something I like for additional cooling and when walking around the range a bolt open or flag is required, so this takes care of that. The Krebs has a built in "shelf or lip" (above the trigger) that allows you to manipulate the safety on and off while maintaining a firing grip on the pistol grip. Finger comes off the trigger and pushes up on "lip" to place weapon on safe without having to release your grip. Out with the old single stage trigger, in with a new Arsenal 2 stage trigger. Now I can tell exactly when the trigger will release because of the 2nd stage. Gun is more accurate and predictable now.
  13. megawatt

    16" enough?

    16" will be perfect for your needs.
  14. megawatt

    Who should I get to do a .308 conversion?

    I need to take different pics someday. This is a rifle dynamics product out of Las Vegas, your current wait will be about 6 months. I just added a Arsenal 2 stage trigger, and a Krebs safety, both items maded the rifle even better.
  15. megawatt

    Great scope deal

    I had the elite with a BDR reticle mounted on my FNAR. The scope is very good and especially at that price for an incredibly clear scope with a bright and crisp view. It always held a zero the two years I owned it and I would recommend it.