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  1. Ah. That looks like the best bet. Much appreciated.
  2. The Tapco grip you are trying to use is not a SAW AK grip. It is the FAL grip that came off the stock set. It will not line up with any trigger guard. The hole pattern is different on that grip. The hogue grip's screw hole is set back further than standard AK grips. To use it with any trigger guard you must enlarge the screw hole on the grip towards the front to line up correctly with all Saiga 12 trigger guards. Yeah, i saw that. But after playing around with the screw and trigger guard by themselves, it seems as though (my eyeball estimation) the screw that came with the grip is too l
  3. I've recently converted my S12 via the CSS conversion kit with the CSS trigger guard. I have the Tapco saw grip and the holes don't line up with this trigger guard, which is fine since I wanted a more 'natural' feeling grip anyway. I ordered the Hogue Monogrip and it feels great. As far as connecting it to the trigger guard, is there a certain size screw that should be used? I tried the one that came with the grip and it's apparently too big. Which unobservant me didn't realize until damaging the trigger guard a little.
  4. It should AT LEAST be a sticky in the MD Arms forum. As a new shotgun owner looking for info, I'd have to agree. Ordering bulk "2 3/4 inch" (hot damn is boomstick ammo confusing) and realizing they don't fit would be...frustrating. For thread content: Remington Slugger 1oz 1560fps fits, as does Winchester Super X Power-Point 1oz 1700fps slug. Wonder if it's safe to assume all Winchester 2 3/4 is good to go...
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