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  1. I hope he does , that would be great. It would be alittle strange to me to let it die.
  2. Would keeping the patent cost more money ? In other words for him to sell them/rights would be more profitable to him right ? This whole quad mag thing is a weird crazy ride
  3. yes, got my fcg from brian for my first 410 convetion, and i love it. great service . thank you
  4. my (2) saiga 12,s converted by tony rumore did not have any markings . i do know he converted them because i talked to him personally. but that was when it took less then 2 weeks . 2005/2006 ish. as for red jacket the new stuff yes. but back in 2006 when the were converting them , i don,t think so. they were getting started and marking them was probly last thing on there mind for newbies tony rumore =tromix will hayden =red jacket not sons of guns ,that is the name of the show
  5. it sounds like a cheap chi man knock off . md arms, hogue are nice grips . i use both
  6. that is cool, and your customer service is really the best . thank you. just want to get that off my chest
  7. will you be my neighbor, i could not pass it up. hell my neighors would help carry my stuff to their van,moving truck or dumpster
  8. really ! they should goto japan when they where getting gased in their subways. or did the dip shit forget about that ! smart gov. working to keep you safe
  9. cop radio feed is looking for a pensky truck,black male black hoodie and a black back pack. plus a trader joes bag. what is the connection ?
  10. now the news are talking about aryan nation and home grown terrorist groups. boy the news run faster then those who ran the race there.
  11. boston ma. bombing ?

    1. Zombiehunter762


      Can you say towel head?

  12. thank you, css your service is awesome.
  13. got mine,boy is it nice! it is a work of art. thank you mr. hadley
  14. mr hadley ,will you be making a rail for the saiga 308?
  15. should figure dueto the level of rust. thank you for the rest of the story.
  16. yea, me too. so please what is the story?
  17. looks awesome. oh and thanks for keeping me poor. just poking fun. i am sure your going to sell a ton of em.
  18. yea, i wonder how many talked shit wish they could eat their words with corn or nuts now.
  19. Yes , the follower. But now he will not need it, because he sold it today to a local Gunshop for a amount he will not disclose . I called the shop and they have it for , 250.00 with no follower in it . Sorry , but thanks guys for the help. I am thankful and pissed too. Oh well ? I am pissed he did not sell it to me. Or give me a chance . Thank again
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