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  1. ROX NJ is Rifles Antiques Relics Express (RARE) LLC. The owner, Anthony, is not new to importing Veprs. He was the first to import Veprs after Rob Arms stopped. He was doing it before WPA and others got into the game. Anthony has a relatively small operation and sells directly to the public. He is a great guy and sold me one of my .308 Veprs before Wolf was offering them. I have spoken with him on the phone in the past and he is definitely one of the good guys in the industry. He used to have a website, Gunsimporter.com, but he closed it down for whatever reason.
  2. My new Saiga .308 courtesy of the Black Friday sale at Legion USA:
  3. Not that I care who buys from where but Alex is Russian. Where do you think he gets his parts from? That's right, Russia, from Russians. Except Alex will get it to you quicker. And there is no legal/customs mumbo jumbo to worry about. But if you go through the shootershop.ru guy, I guess it's the same....even though there is no real business store front or us based office. But whateve's, don't even care. Nationality has nothing to do with it, point of origin has nothing to do with it, it's all about the math. One from Alex (with Vepr.org discount code) is $104.50. One from Shooters-
  4. OK deal (small discount) if you're ordering only one. Far cheaper to get it from the Russians if you're buying more than one.
  5. Shooters-Shop.ru, only source that I am aware of. $56 a piece, plus a hefty shipping charge. Rather than trying to navigate the website, I simply e-mailed Maxim Larin (contact info is on the right side on their homepage). He processed my order for me and provided tracking info when it shipped. Very helpful guy.
  6. My folder and fixed stock Vepr 12s. Took the AFG off the fixed stock gun, didn't care for it. I think I'm done messing with them.
  7. I would be interested in something like this as well. Not interested in changing out my current magwell, but a bolt-on attachment for it would be something I would buy.
  8. I very recently ordered some items from Shooters Shop.ru myself. They did not upcharge me on the parts, I paid what was shown on their website. They did charge me $70 for shipping, but that was for express air mail and the parts went from Moscow to my front door (Midwest USA) in 4 days. Gotta be some kind of speed record. Overall, very pleased with my experience with Shooters Shop. Maxim Larin was very helpful with getting my order processed and shipped out.
  9. CSS will sell you the polymer ACE adapter (you can get the Ergo grip there as well): http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/ace-akara.htm SLR Rifleworks makes a billet aluminum grip adaper that is much nicer and far stronger than the ACE adapter. $30 for the SLR grip adapter. My question: What are the perceived advantages of using a grip with a palm shelf?
  10. A BFH is handy from what I have read: http://vepr.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=788
  11. http://www.russiansurplus.net/product_p/vepr-ar-adapter.htm
  12. Been thinking about something along the same lines of these ten rounders ever since the 5 rounders dropped in price to $20. A single Molot 8 rounder costs $89 from LegionUSA (cheaper if you go with the 5 pack). Two Molot 5 rounders will run you $40. Can you graft two 5 rounders to form an 8 rounder just like Molot Arms does with these 10 rounders? You would at a minimum get a spare follower and floorplate out of the process as well. Just thinking out loud here. Tempted to give it a go since I am sitting on a bunch of Molot 5 rounders and I have never been afraid to try something
  13. I made my own from 16 ga. sheetmetal and painted to match. Turned out nice. You don't need an adapter to mount the stock, just some kind of cover plate to hide the slant cut on the receiver. My '99 Rob Arms .308:
  14. I went with the FastFire III. So small and lightweight, it's like it's not even there.
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