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  1. Need help. My Saiga only has one port hole visible through the plug hole. Bolt does not cycle well, even with TAC 47 plug with screw adjusted all the way in for full gas. Need help: I cannot get the pin below the barrel off. So far broke one punch. Looks like the pin is welded on one side (is that possible?). Suggestions? Do I keep grinding until I see pin. How doI get the pin out...and get another one in? I also noticed that on the Left side of the gas block, there is a huge hole at the tube to gas block that is through and through into the piston
  2. Mounted a master mount siderai (from AKOU)l to my Ishmash Saiga 12 today. Had to grind quit a bit (using a dremel) on the inner face of the mount to accommodate the large heads of the 2 rivets on the l side of the frame. It took a bit of grinding to clear the heads, then it turned out I still could not get the hex heads of the cross struts to fit flush into the side rail body. Discovered that the front cross strut was just half mil too long. Ground that down slightly to allow flush fit. Sooooo... cordless dremel tool was essential. Took longer and several fittings to finally wor
  3. Still not clear. So to start the zero process, assuming CQB I use the A, or the 1 setting, to zero out to 50 yrds.?? Use A for "up to" 225 m ?? A=2 setting then
  4. My markings go from A to 10 I am assuming the line under the numeral corresponds to that numeral. What is "battle zero" on the rear sight. The clicker adjuster clicks all the way to the rear. The ramp on which the sight sits has a bump in the rear. Is this Battle zero? What do the numbers indicate? Does 1=100m, 2=200m, and so on? Is there a thread topic on how to zero the iron sights-- if so please direct me to it.. What is the expected accuracy using iron sights, assuming I can see the target at 100 yards? Within a 12" or 24" circle? Thanks in advance.
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