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  1. I am really impressed! Very nice. I'm curious to know how the cheek-weld is on the conversions using the AR-style collapsible buttstocks? Right now I have a Romy sidefolder on my Saiga conversion but it's a bit awkward as far as cheek-weld's go. With prominant cheek bones, one of my problems with a lot of buttstocks is that I can't comfortably get my eyes low enough to use the irons very well.
  2. The best price I've seen locally was about $370. I've been really tempted to get one but I'm just not sure at that price.
  3. If the edge liner fits right without interfering with the bolt carrier it looks like it would be a good idea.
  4. Bad Bob, In a realistic scenario, the body armor that consistantly stops both 7.62x39 and 5.56 is a ballistic plate insert. Kevlar alone won't. As for Old_Painless's test, it was in response to the urban myth that a metal AK round could work as a sort of ballistic plate. O_P tested that myth and showed within reason that it was bunk. As for the range, in Iraq I bet a lot of combat ranges are 50 feet or less, especially in urban combat. Personally, with my own limited tests, I doubt you'd find much difference in penetration performance between 50 feet and 100 yards. Don't read t
  5. Hey Bad Bob, Without corporate sponsorship, the "boxotruth" site is about as good as you're gonna get from lay man's testing. As for the ranges used, since most combat takes place at ranges well under 200 meters, a 50 yard test is just fine. While it isn't exact science, it's way beyond, "hold my beer and watch this." If you feel that Old_Painless's tests are bogus or not done properly, please feel free to set up your own, photograph the results, and post them for all of us to review. I can assure you that O_P is about as down to earth, no BS as you'll ever find in a man.
  6. I ran about 40 rounds of XM193 through my Saiga without any problems. I did notice that it seemed a little hotter. Of course, I assumed that it was safe to use. It probably is, but like Vjor indicated, it's your personal risk. I stick to .223 now. I still have a bit of XM193 around, but I'm saving it for a rainy/post hurricane/roving-gangs-of-looters/stuff-hits-the-fan day.
  7. IndyArms, I keep getting distracted by your great avatar. Anyway, in my limited experience the Saiga .223 can be as accurate as a stock AR15. A long time ago I posted about a competition we had involving a bunch of the boys and a few of the parents from my neighborhood. It was the stock Saiga .223 vs AR15 with muzzlebreak. The highest scores from both the boys and the parents came from the Saiga. The Saiga didn't group as consistantly, but was on target more often. Since then I've converted the Saiga to pistol grip, and we're looking at doing a rematch sometime in the next
  8. I'm tempted to do the same thing, using PVC for the bullet guide as a temporary solution. If it gets worn out, it certainly won't cost much or take much trouble to replace.
  9. Did you have to remove the front sight?
  10. Thanks again everyone. I want something that has a little magnification to take advantage of the .223's inherent accuracy (and compensate for my less than perfect eyesight) while still providing a good field of view. Cobra sights are sure useful, but don't provide any magnification at all. The 4X sights are ok, but they restrict the field of view more than I prefer. Vjor, I'll take your experience into consideration.
  11. Well, I've done my research and it looks like I can get the scope I want and replace the clamp on it for about $12. No big deal.
  12. Thanks Vjor. Have you had bad experiences with Kalinka? I wanted their PSO 2.5x18 with 12 degree field of view for my Saiga .223. The low magnification and wide field of view seem perfect for that kind of rifle.
  13. Has anyone here done this?
  14. I want to buy a scope from Kalinka Optics for my Saiga. Problem is that the specific scope I want only comes with the SKS/SVD scope mount, and it supposedly won't mount on the Saiga's AK rail! How hard is it to change the rail on the side of a Saiga to one of the SKS/SVD rails? Has anyone done this?
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