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  1. You have elected officials in Montana that support an AWB, that's bullshit. Spread the word vote the pos's out.
  2. http://youtu.be/1KghkFluEoU Good review of mag. Looks great guys.
  3. So I purchased the rail, and it looks good. However, I got a question, how do you use the swing swivel screw to attach the rail? I've tried re using the whole swivel and it does not appear to fit down inside the rail. I decided to just use the screw and it bottoms out and will not secure the rail to the rifle.
  4. tnmarktx

    5.45 Vepr

    You may be able to use an ace vepr adapter and cut the tang off, I am not sure. The length of pull the way it is seems to be good for me. As for the angle of the stock, you are probably right. There are 3 sets of screw heights on the end of the adapter, I have it on the higher side for a higher cheek rest. It seems to work pretty well for me. I'm all about the function, over the looks.
  5. Dude, stop and go read post #36 on this page http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/80377-vepr-545-closer-look/page__st__30&do=findComment&comment=808694 Get that guys help, if you need more details.
  6. So you are saying the hole the pin goes in is not all the way thru?
  7. These would be awesome. I wonder if they will ever make it to the USA market?
  8. Did you get the 20 inch version?
  9. Was the pin that holds the muzzle protector on, hard to tap out?
  10. You could get a Vepr. The trigger is already in the correct position. There are options with dealing with slant cut receiver. Thicker barrel profile. Magazine options will probably come out soon.
  11. This is the setup I have decided to go with for stock and pistol grip. A dph arms ace type stock, a krebs vepr stock insert and a us palms pistol grip.
  12. I don't have any close up pics, just the 1 in my avi. It's the middle gun with a magpul stock over the tube.
  13. Pulled the trigger on this converted Vepr 5.45. My impressions are as follows: Because there is not a lot of stock options for the slant cut receiver. I do not like it. Before anyone suggest this, I have tried DPH arms receiver block. It sucks IMO, and this is not a knock against DPH arms, I just had to take too much material off regular AK stock to fit it and ruined it. Went with TSD combat systems folding stock insert, it is expensive but seems to work ok. It came with a tapco mag that fits snug. The bullet guide seems to be in solid, but looks very ugly. It looks like there is some kind of spot weld between bullet guide and screw to lock it in. Not sure why this was done. The gun has been reliable with no malfunctions. The muzzle brake seems to be timed correctly and is secure.
  14. tnmarktx


    Full legnth forearm on which one? The long barrel 7.62x39 is factory Saiga. The Vepr in the middle is factory wood Vepr. The .223 Saiga on the right is Tapco forearm for Saiga's.
  15. Whatever rear sight you use, I prefer one that is windage adjustable. Similar to an RPK style.
  16. One of these might work for you. http://store.carolin...ETUP/Categories
  17. I've had no problems with the all polymer, but I'd buy a dozen 5.45 mags if they were made.
  18. Good info. I'm sure a .308 aftermarket handguard might work. May have to look into getting one of these.
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