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  1. ya the semester is almost over and then I will start on the project. I found old surplus floor plates for like $10 so I will most likley practice on that. I wont convert to 308 simply because I have always wanted a bolt action x39 rifle. cheap ammo and slower ammo consumtion makes it easier to shoot more often. The way I have the gun planned out, other than the floor plate, I will not be permanantly altering the rifle. Thanks for your imput.
  2. Can you actually feel the barrel and carrier move seperatly? I havent shot it yet but I thought it would happen so fast it would feel like any other gun. Thats crazy.
  3. Ya the wood will be refinished eventually. If the barrel gets cut down would that effect cycling because of the lighter barrel? And do they make tube extensions for 16 gauge? The guy i bought it off of thought it was broken because it wouldnt cycle light loads. It was just set on heavy haha. I paid $85 for it cuz it was "BROKEN".
  4. I just picked up this French MAS 36 bolt gun about 3 weeks ago. The gun functions perfect but, after looking up info on it, I found out it was imported in 1949 after the war by a company called Golden State Arms. The company sporterized it for the hunting market by cutting 4.5 inches off the barrel and putting a smaller handgaurd and sling swivel on it. I have no complaints about the gun cuz its now really short and light but the ammo is hard to come by. Its chambered in 7.5 french and nobody locally, even cabelas, carries it and the online sites ive found have the ammo running around $16-20 a
  5. Hey guys, school has been getting in the way of my firearm obsession but I caught a break and scored a new shotgun. Its a mid 1940's Remington Model 11 in 16 gauge based almost exactly off of the Browning Auto 5. This this is in perfect condition for its age. The bluing is probably 98% and the wood is in decent shape as well. The coolest thing about this is the way the action works. It is strictly recoil operated and the barrel actually travels into the reciever about 4 inches. The action is still extremely tight and robust. The quality of the fit and finish is amazing and the engravings look
  6. I need the polymer svd handgaurd. Please sell me one seperately!
  7. If you can find one, the norinco mak-90 is a good option as well. Very well built and you can find them around 500ish. You cant buy them new but you can search backpage or aution sites. RPK reciever thickness and a heavier barrel makes it a pretty good shooter.
  8. I had the full sized sr9 and loved it. I will be buying the "c" model pretty soon I hope. Congrats on the new purchase.
  9. I love those mags, they work perfect and lock up tight. Even at $12 they are a steal.
  10. I used the AR mag adapter from MSA and have had nothing but great results from the product. My Saiga 223 project was my answere for the SHTF scenario everybody talks about. AK reliability with 5.56 nato capatibility. It was a fun project but ill stick with my Norinco Mak-90 in x39, 3k plus rounds and it has not ever failed me. P.S... Im selling it soon to start my 545 project.
  11. just a UTG scope and side mount and a bipod from cheaper than dirt.
  12. dowork1021


    where did you get this from? I like it.
  13. If i had the opportunity and drank enough coffee i would try to shoot it standing up, that is if I can hold it up long enough haha
  14. Yup, it was a lot of fun. Ive been saying im goin to change the buttstock since I converted it a year and a half ago but for some reason i havent.
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