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  1. I'm kind of a dumbass when it comes to gun laws and shit that changes fly-by-night. Will this and how does this possibly affect Saiga-20 owners? I've been eyeing a 13 rd magazine to plink with. Should I pretty much buy it RIGHT NOW kind of thing? I ask because all people seem to be taking about is the 12.
  2. Pretty much. With the guv'ment on the verge (bills being introduced) of banning everything civilian above 10 rounders, I've got my eyes fixed on these and hope they get made soon so I can at least have something better than a 5er. I might pick up a 13 rounder just to have one for some range shooting, though, in the meantime.
  3. Figured it'd be good to ask about these again since it's been several months. Any news on these?
  4. All good suggestions. First I'll try using a pick and seeing if the groove where the front of fits is dirty, although I don't think it is. I got the original cover to fit better by hammering the edge much like toshbar suggested, but I might just try to gently bend the new receiver cover and see if I can get it on. I suppose if I tried to remove material from the front of it, I'd have to be careful to get it even. Depending on how much I'd have to file off the cover itself, that might even be the best solution. I'll gauge my options when I sit down with it tomorrow. Thanks, I at least have
  5. Yes, I'm getting it into that groove. Hopefully this will help. Was finally able to get a pic uploaded to my Picasa album I'd physically either have to take a hammer to the new receiver cover (which was hard enough to find), or file the edge of the gun itself back maybe a half a millimeter or smaller. It's a very small overlap, but it makes it near-impossible to get the receiver cover down fully
  6. The title should say Saiga-20. but I think the receiver covers fit identically, aside from being slightly aesthetically different. I don't know my terminology super well, so forgive me if you can't understand wtf I'm talking about. When disassembling my Saiga 20, I noticed that it was a really huge feat to get the receiver dust cover back on. It looked warped near the back of it and I figured that had to be why. So, I order a new one. Same issue. It's nearly impossible to get on. I realize it's the gun itself and probably why a 10 year old Saiga was fired only a handful of times, put
  7. MIght as well necro this thread again. Essentially, this is exactly what I'm going for for my Saiga-20. Getting the wood? Heh, another story. I actually have a friend who's getting a 20 or 12 later this year. He wants to know how feasible it would be to fit Saiga 223 wood on a 20. He's not sure he wants to do something custom like I'm trying to do. We can find those stock sets, but I have no clue if they would be interchangeable at all. Figure I'd ask here.
  8. I figure if I'm gonna die with a gun in my arms, it better be with one that looks good cause clearly either I or it didn't shoot worth a crap!
  9. So what about ammunition? I just bought a 250 round box of 20ga Remington 2.75 target shells. I hope they don't blow up on me!
  10. For those that are interested, Saigastock.com was able to get a receiver cover and I should get it this week. Patience pays off once again!
  11. I thought so. Thanks. Actually, might have found someone to do the sporter stock custom, so I might not convert it. Do you, or anyone, know if the 12 and 20 gauge Saiga fore grips are the same? Or are the barrel channel sizes different?
  12. Polling to see who has some experience dealing with older Saiga-20's. For reference, mine has no BHO, and I believe (I could be wrong) that only the first generation of Saiga-20's were without the BHO. Please inform me if I'm misguided. I will post some pictures later. I need some help / guidance / experience on moving forward with conversions since my original plan to keep the sporter look, but in wood, isn't panning out.
  13. Thanks for answering that curiousity. Now I've just gotta find one! I actually e-mailed RAAC and they told me to contact Saigastock.com . They (RAAC) were under the impression that they (saigastock) would be able to find me a receiver cover. I e-mailed them yesterday, though, I haven't heard anything back yet.
  14. I recently acquired an early run Saiga-20 at a gun show. Doesn't even have a BHO! The big issue I'm having aside from trying to find some wood furniture for it (specifically a classic curved buttstock) is the receiver cover is a little warped and incredibly hard to put on and take off during assembly and dis-assembly. From videos I can determine that the 12 receiver cover is damn near identical. So I don't know. I would like to find and buy a replacement, but I can't find one anywhere online at all.
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