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  1. So today I put my first VEPR in jail. I traded my Draco pistol for a BNIB VEPR 308 16.5 I already miss my Draco, but I am sure I will be happy once I get my VEPR. I really like the way it looks stock. I am wondering what is a good sling for it. Any recomendations?
  2. 'll sell you my sgm lol. I like the Tapco hand guard better I
  3. But the 308 has a limiter on the spring assembly and the buffer I am using I got from amazon and doesnt fit over the spring of the s12 so I have to find a way to take it apart
  4. I cant figure it out and dont want to break it. I also put one on my 308 in front of the hinged piece of metal, but it looks totally different than my 545 and 762. Is this ok?
  5. Anyone have a picture of one of these on an AK??? It's theCommand Arms 6 Position Collapsible Stock Stamped Receiver model CAKC. It looks sweet, but I cannot find any samples : /
  6. I like that hand guard
  7. I dont think I can have the threaded barrel here in CA. I will post some pics tonight when I get home from work
  8. I have had this rifle for a few months and only shot it twice. When I was cleaning it I realized the front sight seemed to be leaning to the left. I can still aim and it seems straight when I hold it up to fire though. Is this normal? How can I fix it. Any body else have/had this? Are they all like this? I havent been able to find these locally anymore so I cant compare. Let me know. Thanks in advance
  9. Do I need to use the 308 adapter on the front?
  10. Do the saiga 12's need the adapter in the front?
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