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  1. When I was trying to get my saiga I ordered it first from FGW. Well, after waiting a month I called and emailed them. They had charged my card already but I finally got to them and they refunded it. BTW they had none in stock and had no clue when they would get more.
  2. Does that have anyone else slightly worried?
  3. Ok so I have everything together to SBR my saiga. My local class 3 can cut and crown the barrel for my saiga but I dont know that they can thread the internals for a choke. Keep in mind the barrel cut is only $25, I am not looking to sink $100 in a polychoke that I cant remove. Anyone know anyone that can do a class 3 internal choke like benelli or remchoke.
  4. Ok so I am going to do an SBR setup and was wondering if normal AK pistons will fit for the sake of moving the gas block back? Has anyone tried a standard ak or krink rod?
  5. They better get cracking before everyone makes the 5s into 10s and says screw the wait.
  6. The optic is a bushnell something. I think I paid 75 for it from cheaper than dirt. It is not like the BSA crap that washes out. The brightest setting on this does hurt so I dont use it. As for choke tube, there is no point in getting a polychoke and getting it installed if I am going to SBR it. My barrel is just over 18 with the choke welded on. I am goint to get it 10inches with this mounted. Then I will get something like this.
  7. Ok so I got to shoot my saiga at another 3 gun at Black Creek this weekend. It was great with the optic on it and made all the difference. The 5 rounders were a little easier to load too. My only complaint is that the spread is still too wide and I capped some no shoots along with my shoot targets. My next thing will be an ACE stock and SBR to 10inches. Reply since edit is broken
  8. You all need to do something about those jacked up laws up there.
  9. Well I was getting ready to clean my 226 later with break cleaner. I guess we will find out then.
  10. kogashuko

    Beyond 50 you are in the realm of the 10 rounders. I dont know the cost of the things there but dude could probably charge $25 not including shipping and still make money off the deal over there. In fact he could probably sell more than he could get his hands on.
  11. kogashuko

    Well the damn things shouldnt cost more than $50.
  12. kogashuko

    Ok so the russian english translators suck about as bad as the spanish ones. Still, pretty good for someone that doesnt speak any russian.
  13. kogashuko

    Lekss, Do you know of any places in russia that will sell plastic mags online and ship internationally?
  14. How are they getting the 8 rounders? Do you have a source for those? Anyway, I am probably going to send my shotgun to you soon. Emailed you about it last week, about just needing the barrel shortened but I might get with you about cleaning up the conversion I did and installing a polychoke on the 8inch. The spread and lack of sighting killed me on the last shotgun match I shot.
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