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    Kansas finally passed the concealed weapon LAW..<br /><br />They Vitoed the BITCH...
  1. Mine came from video game handles I play Socom online and I took this name years ago and it just stuck everyone knows me by this name.
  2. That's Jessica Alba so if you even get her number PM ME ASAP.............
  3. Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's on here. I hope everyone has a good day!!!
  4. How accurate is this glock I know alot of the small concealable guns are not very good? I have a glock 22 and I'm looking for a smaller model.
  5. Looking at the picture I figured you would fix that pretty quick.
  6. How far down the barrel is bent?
  7. You might want to wait for for them to start importing again...
  8. I am a .40 cal Glock 22 owner and I like this gun I am a big guy I'm 6'7 so I have big hands as well and haven't had problems but the Glock 20 10mm is a nasty looking gun my next Glock was going to be a .357 cal Glock 31 but after that I'm looking in to the Glock 20 also I don't know if I would trade the Glock 22 though I would try and get both because for home defence the .40 cal handguns are great.GLOCK_22_40_Cal..bmp
  9. I would like to see a 11 shot set up with 00 SLUGS "OUCH" that would be a ride!!
  10. The .410s have four round mags, and they have them in stock at www.keepshooting.com for $25.00 bucks per mag. I dropped the price on the .410s, cause I've been battling my business partner. He's really greedy, but doesnt do much research. Hes more of a silent partner, but I'm stuck with him till 2008. What is the difference in stopping power on .410 vs 12?? What about ammo, what is better? cheaper? You should ask this in the discussion forums, not the for sale forum on an ad thread. I recommend the Saiga-410 forum. This post started out with him selling S-12's and .410's then followed by people asking questions about the gun's before purchasing. Isn't this a normal process?
  11. Thanks for the update. I would like to know when they are available.
  12. I agree the biggest and only problem I have is the safety. Since I picked up the gun i have shot 600 rounds of Winchester 40 S&W 180 GR. JHP and haven't had one single problem. even the first shots out where clean. I have ordered the .22 conversions for the Glock and my Kimber so I will update on that. The new American Annual Handgunner Annual MAG. has some good articles on .22 conversions
  13. I really don't like the look of it myself. It reminds me of the F-90 from the Socom video game.
  14. YES I can convert it with just changing out the barrel and mags. Just like my Kimber.
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